Executive Committee

The HM.CLAUSE Executive Team is comprised of a diverse mix of individuals with a vast knowledge from across the agricultural and industrial landscape. Together, they are responsible for leading and managing the worldwide activities of our teams.

“As seed experts, we play a key role in bringing solutions to the global vegetable supply chain. We consider customers, partners, employees and shareholders equally important to the durable success of HM.CLAUSE.”

Franck Berger

Interim Chief Executive Officer

“Developing practical and sustainable solutions to support our customers worldwide is our main business focus. Through the introduction of new vegetable varieties, and through our business approach that respects both the regional and cultural differences…

André Cariou

Deputy CEO

“The sustainable production of food is the challenge of our generation and generations to come. The goal of our R&D team is to meet the challenges for food production through the development of fruits and…

Mark D. Stowers, Ph.D.

Vice President, Global Head of Research and Development

“New technology in agriculture will continue to develop more effective ways to grow crops for food, feed and other products. I believe we have tremendous opportunities across the chain to both preserve our environment and…

Ghis Reusken

Vice President, Head of Global Supply Chain

“The vegetable seed market is highly segmented and extremely diverse with a multitude of niche regional markets having their own local needs and cultural preferences. HM.CLAUSE is at the forefront of this business, working with…

Denis Balen

Vice President, Global Head of Marketing

As we are growing, our operations outside the ‘mature’ countries are getting more and more complex. On one hand, we as a Finance-Organization have to make sure that we earn our Freedom-To-Operate every day, and…

Marc Rottiers

Global Chief Financial Officer

“As HM.CLAUSE continues on a path of growth, one challenge is how to scale up the organization from a people perspective. The next evolution of the company requires organizational structuring that emphasizes the acquisition and…

Andres Trillo

Vice President, Global Head of Human Resources

“HM.Clause is a fast growing company and the size of our teams is increasing all over the world. We need to support this scalability, and at the same time, maintain our identity and keep proximity…

Sébastien Benon

Vice President, Head of Global Sales