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Over 22 species in
vegetable seeds

Our vast selection of vegetable seeds covers over 22 species, ranging from solanaceae and cucurbits to brassicas, root vegetables, bulb vegetables, and leafy greens.

Main species we breed

Summer squash
Summer squash
Sweet pepper
Sweet pepper
Pumpkin and squash
Pumpkin and squash
3 - Our commercial Brands - Clause & HM logos

Brand Legacy: HARRIS MORAN, CLAUSE VEGETABLE SEEDS, as Regional Ambassadors

Our premium products are marketed under two distinctive commercial brands: HARRIS MORAN, CLAUSE VEGETABLE SEEDS.

Rooted in a rich history, our established brands serve as ambassadors in regional markets and local markets, connecting growers and professionals to great vegetables.

Orange and green Amoresco cauliflower

From seeds to success

Our global team of experts enable us to work side-by-side with growers to provide regionally adapted and reliable vegetable seeds.

  • Tomato:  We have been breeding tomatoes for over 70 years. Covering all slots on the market : processing, indeterminate, determinate, specific ToBRFV
  • Cauliflower: 3 breeding stations, in France, the Netherlands and India which support the development of competitive and innovative varieties.
  • Melon: global leader with active breeding in main typologies with a portfolio of more than 150 varieties
  • Halloween Pumpkin: Leader in Halloween Pumpkin breeding for over 25 years with a primary focus on the Orange Jack-O-Lantern market.
  • Fennel: More than 30 years ago, HM.CLAUSE introduced the first hybrid fennel variety, inspiring the entire production and distribution chain.
  • Summer Squash: With 110 varieties in our portfolio we provide many different typologies : rounded, yellow, white, with different tastes, shapes and size
3 - Advanced agriculture - Innovation and R&D

Innovation in Plant Improvement for a Sustainable Future

Plant improvement involves creating new varieties from existing plants by crossing selected plants for their desired qualities, then selecting the best of those plants for continuous development and cultivation. Driven to deliver the best for our clients and the planet, we exercise innovation to:

  • Accelerate the launch of new varieties: By focusing on the continued evolution of agricultural practices, we better understand plant biology to consistently improve yield.
  • Improve disease resistance: We develop strategies to protect plants from contamination by diagnosing diseases and the molecular basis of infection.
  • Meet customer demand: By improving taste and increasing shelf-life, we do our part to deliver advanced nutrition around the world.
For plant raisers
Are you searching for vegetable seeds that pose no risk of contamination? Stringent controls are carried out to ensure seeds are of high quality.
For growers
Are you a grower seeking high-quality vegetable seeds with reliable germination rates? By selecting our seeds, you are choosing a committed partner, actively engaged in the field, and fully focused on the prosperity of your farm.
For distributors
Are you seeking a partner ready to provide expertise to meet the needs of your customers? We are committed to deliver seeds in due quality and due time, for the sake of your customers' satisfaction.

Together, let's cultivate success!

From growercooperative to plant raiser, distributor or dealer, whether you are specialized in growing monoculture species or diversified, we are working to deliver the best option for your crops.

  • We strive to understand your market requirements, allowing our plant breeders to deliver the most tailored genetic solutions to meet your needs.
  • We dedicate 18% of our annual sales revenue for Research and Development to continually improving our products.
  • Our teams of experts are here to guide and support you in optimizing your crop management, ensuring the success of your harvests.
  • We provide you our technical support on varieties and crop management to assist you in growing and selling our products.

Worldwide roots

HM.CLAUSE and its family of brands provide vegetable seeds across the world. Our diverse portfolio of products offers adaptable seeds that are bred to blossom in a variety of climates and growing conditions.

Our rigorous research and development process ensures high-yield solutions for your specific growing needs.

2 head offices: in the United-States and France
16 subsidiaries in all continents
57 countries where we sell our seeds
2 177 employees in over 30 countries

Ready to roll up our sleeves

HM.CLAUSE believes that the root of global agriculture starts with local farmers. Our business is not just about seeds, it is about supporting the people that grow the seeds. That is why we support local trials and research initiatives in over 30 countries across the globe.

HM.CLAUSE is on a shared mission to empower growing communities across the globe to cultivate a more sustainable future, one seed at a time.

Centuries of innovation

Our agricultural achievements can be traced back to the 1700’s. HM.CLAUSE has perfected our breeding and production processes over generations of passion, innovation and dedication to our craft. As a forerunner in our industry, we dedicate our intense efforts for Research and Development.

  • Over 200 years of innovative breeding experience
  • Collaborating with local farmers for sustainable solutions
  • 27% of our workforce involved
  • 3 global research centers, based in France and California 
  • 22 crop programs
  • Research efforts fully integrated into our breeding programs.

Cultivate your best-self

Our story is based on the collaboration of men and women working with dedication. We are proud to work together globally, constantly innovating for the future to cultivate quality vegetables and contribute to feeding the planet. Working with us means being fully committed to supporting diverse, sustainable, and environmentally friendly agriculture.

If you want to join one of the world’s largest vegetable seeds companies, we invite you to explore our career opportunities.

woman working in HM.CLAUSE