A Major First for HM.CLAUSE Kenya and the Fresh Produce Africa Trade Fair in Nairobi

To mark its recent establishment in East Africa, HM.CLAUSE Kenya attended the first edition of Fresh Produce Africa in Nairobi from 6 to 8 June.

This brand-new fair was launched to promote the export market for fresh fruits and vegetables produced in Kenya and East Africa. No fewer than 6,000 visitors made the trip to attend.

It was on a space dedicated to its two commercial brands (Clause and Prime Seed Co) that HM.CLAUSE Kenya presented its range of products including the PERSEO tomato, RED THUNDER and RED DEER peppers, and TSAVORITE cabbage, varieties that are well adapted to the growing conditions of this part of the world.

The entire local team that was present at the event was also able to comment on HM.CLAUSE Kenya, its organization and activities in a streaming video.

Also, in order to whet the curiosity of visitors at the stand (more than 200 in three days), a recognition test was conducted with the seeds of a few species (courgette, tomato, pepper, cabbage, carrot, and bean). Many visitors were able to find the right answers.

At the end of this event, the HM.CLAUSE team left with a contact list enriched with about 60 extra producers from different origins (Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda) for needs ranging from the local to the export market, as well as trial programmes and possible partnerships.

A great success for a first appearance.

Portes-lès-Valence, 14th of June 2018

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