A podium for HM.CLAUSE’s team spirit

Come take on the Hand’Trepises challenge!

After this invitation by Valence Handball, HM.CLAUSE responded by sending a mixed team of 16 players to the club partners’ tournament on January 29, 2017.


Everyone showed up to the Pierre Mendès France Valence Arena to wear HM.CLAUSE jerseys and listen to the briefing by organizers.

9 teams competed, representing the partners of the Valence club, among them HM.CLAUSE.

Each team wore the name of a player of the French national team, because it was preparing to win its sixth championship on that day.

For HM.CLAUSE it was the team Karabatic

By the end of the morning, the HM.CLAUSE team was first in its group.

When competition resumed, HM.CLAUSE played 3 games and qualified for the semi-finals

At the end of the tournament, HM.CLAUSE took second place on the podium.

Among the top seeds for the next tournament!