AMORESCO® nominated to Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2022

HM.CLAUSE signs its return to Fruit Logistica Innovation 2022 (FLIA), thanks to the nomination of the brand AMORESCO®, innovation born to offer a range of romanesco cauliflowers which is tinged with colors, starting from orange. The event will take place in Berlin from 5-7 April and will allow all visitors to discover and taste all the qualities of AMORESCO®.

AMORESCO, a romanesco you have never seen before!

AMORESCO, a romanesco you have never seen before! Launched on the Italian market in January 2021, the AMORESCO brand offers a range of romanesco #cauliflower which goes beyond the traditional green color but experiences new ones to offer original and qualitative products. That is how the first orange romanesco is born, an innovation that has never been seen before in the horticultural market! Selected through the ten nominations of the new edition of Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2022, the innovation targets the actors of the supply chain in Italy, the UK, Spain, France and Germany, who want to conquer/answer the most demanding from customers, consumers and restaurants.

Launched in Italy in collaboration with the research center Crea, in Rome, AMO125 (HMC 33 919 F1) is the first variety to be included in the AMORESCO® range. Available from November to February, it is perfectly suited to both fresh and frozen market. Thanks to its orange color, it has very good health characteristics. It is rich in beta carotene, very sweet and keeps its color after cooking, offering a surprising experience to the consumer. Moreover, its color and fun shape are a good way to introduce children to cabbage and vegetables.

Soon, the AMORESCO® range will be extended with the arrival of complementary varieties, in order to broaden the product availability. A second variety, AMO145, will be available next year with a longer cycle, from February to all March.

AMORESCO®: an answer to all supply chain needs

AMORESCO® offers many benefits to satisfy all supply chain needs, from the grower and retailer to the final consumer. 

  • For the grower: provides a product range with Premium quality and complementary cycles to differentiate on the market themselves and expend their portfolio of varieties.
  • For the retailer: the support of the brand enhances the visibility and attractiveness on the point of sales, moreover the large offer of varieties allows to have more availability of the product (for a longer period) 
  • For the consumer: offers healthy products, original by form and color, tasty, to involve the whole family, including children

The brand AMORESCO® conquers the jury of Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2022, an international exhibition which “offers a full vision of the last innovation of fresh horticultural products”.

AMORESCO®: the outcome of HM.CLAUSE research

As a vegetable seed company, HM.CLAUSE plays an important role in the food chain, embracing the expectations of farmers, retailers and consumers. From farmers to end consumers, from harvest to taste, cultivation is the first step in meeting the food challenges of today and tomorrow. HM.CLAUSE is committed as a vegetable seed breeder to achieving these goals, for a secure supply of sustainable, healthy, nutritious and high quality food. The cycle of all food chains always starts with plants. The seed is the most important and only indispensable element in plant production and, as such, is the first link in the food chain. More than ever, HM.CLAUSE is committed to contributing to a balanced environment and to providing a varied choice of vegetables for everyone, everywhere.

But now let’s vote AMORESCO®! 

AMORESCO®, paint your plate!

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