HM.CLAUSE provides innovative vegetable products to farmers around the world; with true passion for its products, close understanding of the needs of its customers and respect for its workforce in every location it operates. We are a company where “think globally, act locally” is a true motto. We pursue the same vision and goals worldwide but we act with respect to the local culture and needs in each location. When you join our team, you will be joining people just like you. People that are passionate and dedicated. Experts in their fields and innovators in their jobs. When you’re a member of the HM.CLAUSE family, you will be encouraged to use your skills and your experience, your ideas and your vision, your knowledge and your expertise, to build the company’s future and contribute shaping the future of agriculture in an ethical and sustainable manner.

  • We are delivering innovative products that fulfill farmer’s needs around the world
  • We offer industry leading career and talent development opportunities
  • We build trust with our customers and are respected by our competitors
  • We are part of an agricultural cooperative group run by farmers for farmers
  • We are an international company that sits amongst the leaders of the market
  • We are growing as a company, and so is our team


Our Vision for People

We are a company that believes that each person in the company can grow and develop like the seeds we sell. We build an environment for each person to express their potential. We strive to provide interesting career paths and valuable opportunities as part of our culture; and we pay particular attention to talent development throughout the organization. Our unique structure allows our team to learn and grow through a high level of interdepartmental and interdisciplinary collaboration. We encourage functional mobility between jobs and departments and our people can benefit from our global presence to work short or long term in the different countries in which we operate. It is our belief that by encouraging diversified experiences, we shape our leaders and experts of tomorrow.

An International Workplace

As a worldwide company, operating in 5 continents and in 100 countries, we are in a unique position to embrace the changing global environment by incorporating skilled employees of all nationalities who understand different languages, cultures, and business practices. This international diversity allows us to improve our understanding of global and local marketplaces, better reflect the makeup of communities to best address a growing and broad customer base, and to build effective global relationships. Whether you are moving to an office in a different country, travelling globally or learning local languages, our international environment benefits both the company and our employees.


Our Values and Principles

We are driven by the values of progress, perseverance and cooperation, which are supported and promoted by our parent company, Limagrain. Progress, as demonstrated through our commitment to innovation, is at the core of our business, exemplified through our tremendous investments in Research and Development. Perseverance, as shown by our belief in planning for the long term, and preparing solutions for whatever challenges we may face in the coming decades, is central to our collective strategy. And cooperation, as we are convinced that we can achieve more through cooperation than competition. These are the values at the heart of our company and are what guide our strategic choices and actions. It is these values, along with our management principles of teamwork, collaboration, transparency and accountability, which allow us to be an ambitious, agile and pragmatic organization.

Our Parent Company

HM.CLAUSE is a Business Units of Limagrain, an international agricultural co-operative group specializing in vegetable seeds, field seeds, and cereal products. Founded in 1785 and managed by farmers, Limagrain is the top vegetable seed company in the world. The Limagrain Group is run by farmers for farmers. Through its unique governance structure, Limagain remains close to the business of farming, providing the support and expert understanding of the opportunities & the challenges our customers encounter every day.