CSR Solar Street Program inauguration at Koppal, Karnataka, India

Green Village Project under HM.CLAUSE CSR

We care for the community where we operate. With an objective to contribute towards village development and environmental sustainability with green energy we have installed 65 Solar Street-Lights in Pattikalyana Village, India where our R&D -...

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[ONLINE EVENT] Meet us! World Processing Tomato Congress

Our Processing tomato range The HM.CLAUSE tomato portfolio is segmented for both the Fresh and Processing markets, each demanding specific agronomic and market requirements. For the Processing market, our tomatoes are usually canned and transformed into...

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Press Release

Eugenia Rigaud named CEO of HM.CLAUSE Eugenia Rigaud was appointed on January 1st, 2022, CEO of HM.CLAUSE. She succeeds Rémi Bastien who recently took over as CEO of Limagrain Vegetable Seeds. “HM.CLAUSE is a global company...

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Thrilled For Tomato

HM.CLAUSE is #ThrilledForTomato for over 60 years and it’s not about to stop! More than ever HM.CLAUSE proves its tomato know-how and strengthens its leadership and its close link with growers. Providing growers with innovative and...

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HM.CLAUSE Committed with you

Women and Men Without Whom, Nothing Would Be Possible

At the Source of Life, the Seed All food finds its origin and its future in seeds. Seeds will become vegetables, fruits, cereals… Life! HM.CLAUSE specializes in selection, production, and marketing of quality vegetable seeds, and...

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Crokini Awarded AAS Edible Vegetable Winner for 2020!

Read more information on the ASS Edible Vegetable winner site (External site) The famous cherry tomato Crokini Crokini takes home the All-America Selections win in the Edible-Vegetable category for its high Brix (8.5), perfect sweet/acid balance,...

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