Client Success

Your long-term success is our focus—but don’t take our word for it. Hear directly from the thriving clients HM.CLAUSE collaborates with around the globe.

Wagih Metwally, Agricultural Materials Company (AMC) | EGYPT

Wagih reflects on the quality of HM.CLAUSE varieties in the Middle East, including seeds perfectly adapted to the local market.

Rosa María Bárbara Bautista Nava | MEXICO

Hood highlights the impactful influence of strong customer relationships and solid product development across HM.CLAUSE.

Matt Hood, Rugby Farms | AUSTRALIA

Hood highlights the impactful influence of strong customer relationships and solid product development across HM.CLAUSE.

Paulo Biondo, Bthec Agronegocios e Produtos Agricolas | BRAZIL

“Partnering with reputable farmer cooperatives, I’m able to define a clear production plan and lessen concerns over investments so my primary focus is on farms and production.”

— Mr. Dai Nguyen, Grower | VIETNAM

“Since I have been working in the tomato processing industry it has been a real pleasure to work with HM.CLAUSE seeds sales team as well as their product development team. The tomato processing varieties that HM.CLAUSE are producing are some of the best in our industry. The result of their high-quality varieties creates some of the greatest paste and dice products Ingomar Packing Company produces.”

Steven Garcia, Field Manager at Ingomar Packing Co. | USA

“Rapisarda’s, as a farming enterprise choose HM.CLAUSE as our seed supplier due to their companies’ ability to meet our seed supply needs in a fast, prompt and reliable manner. HM.CLAUSE as a company is also a standout in their ability to work with us as growers to identify and showcase their new genetic material; this then helps improve our farms overall crop performance and marketability.”

Andre, Rapisarda Farms Pty Ltd | AUSTRALIA

“Our customers expect good taste, shape and color and that is what we are able to deliver thanks to HM.CLAUSE.”

—Tomasz Kaliszewski, Grower | POLAND

“My experience with HM.CLAUSE has been a very positive one. Not only are their products great, but their people are fantastic too. I’m always learning new things through them.”

—Mustapha Mallat, Grower | TUNISIA

“Ever since I started planting HM.CLAUSE products I have not stopped, nor do I plan to stop. Their varieties are full of all of the characteristics that we, the farmers, need.”

—Carlos Sosa, Grower | GUATEMALA

“I’m a member of an agricultural cooperative in Beijing that has been growing HM.CLAUSE products for several years now and benefiting from their high yields, good resistances and excellent profitability.”

—Ruzhi Wang Beijing Shunyi Beiwu | CHINA

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