Committed with you

“The power of farmer shareholders standing behind your crop, from the seed to the shelf”



At HM.CLAUSE, our commitments are empowered by our historical legacy. With centuries of experience in innovation, HM.CLAUSE has a clear record of not only improving the robustness and productivity of the varieties we produce, but also handing these innovations back to the farmers with whom we so closely work.

Our parent company, Limagrain, is a farmer-owned and farmer-run international agricultural cooperative. As one of the world’s leading seed companies, Limagrain stands alone as the only non-chemical company. The crops that we cultivate are inspired by farmers for farmers. History has proven, time and again, that our innovations make their way back to where they belong: into the hands of growers.
In the coming years, the world will be confronted with an onslaught of agricultural related challenges. From a growing world population, regional food scarcity issues, dwindling farming resources, and divergent access to technological progress, the agricultural tests to come are significant. The Limagrain group of companies, including HM.CLAUSE, have chosen to face these challenges by adopting a formalized Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, so as to allow for efficient, responsible growth.

HM.CLAUSE is dedicated to delivering successful solutions for the agricultural challenges of today, by delivering high quality vegetable seeds tailored to local environments and customers. Our commitments extend throughout our stakeholder value chain from growers and processors, to consumers, and even the environment at large.

“We are committed to building a strong collaboration with farmers throughout the world, providing diversified and innovative vegetable seed products that meet their local farming needs and consumer expectations for quality, tasty and healthy food”