Company History

The strength and success of HM.CLAUSE is built upon more than 200 years of commitment to the vegetable seed industry. Our expertise is rooted in the work of our forefathers and founders, whose early investments paved the way for today’s groundbreaking advances in seed technology.  This two-century history has provided a rich and unparalleled experience that continues to shape the growth and evolution of the company to this day.

In Europe

In the year 1785, the seed company TÉZIER was founded in Valence, France. This region became synonymous with seed production and is the home of the European headquarters for HM.CLAUSE today. About 100 years later came CLAUSE, founded in Paris in 1891. The founder, Lucien Clause, was passionate about plants from an early age. Out of his curiosity and bold leadership, a groundbreaking research laboratory was opened in 1924, where different varieties were successfully bred. Thus began the era of genetics.

Both seed companies, TÉZIER and CLAUSE, advanced as much in the French market as they did in the European market thanks to the creation of subsidiaries in Italy (1949) and Spain (1965). TÉZIER was purchased by Group LIMAGRAIN in 1979, followed by CLAUSE in 1996. In 2002 they were combined to create the company CLAUSE TÉZIER. In 2008, CLAUSE TÉZIER was renamed CLAUSE. This is our brand name in Europe today.

In North America

In the United States, the company history began in the 19th Century with the founding of two companies, HARRIS SEEDS and MORAN SEEDS.

In 1859, Joseph Harris founded his seed company on Moreton Farm, near Rochester, New York. The company was managed by two succeeding generations of the Harris family before its eventual sale. Later, on the west coast, a plant breeder named John Moran co-founded MORAN SEEDS in 1963. HARRIS SEEDS joined MORAN SEEDS in 1984 to become our US label, HARRIS MORAN. HARRIS MORAN was joined by FERRY MORSE SEED in 1998. Originally established in 1852, FERRY & CO. merged with MORSE SEEDS in 1930 to become FERRY MORSE SEED.

In 1996, Group LIMAGRAIN purchased HARRIS MORAN and set out to meet the demand of local markets in the greater America Pacific region. HARRIS MORAN expanded its presence in this region by launching subsidiaries and making key acquisitions in Mexico, Chile and Argentina.


In 2008, Group LIMAGRAIN combined two of its flagship brands, HARRIS MORAN in the US and CLAUSE in Europe, to create HM.CLAUSE, a single Business Unit (BU) dedicated to bringing high quality seed products to the global vegetable supply chain, and to consumers worldwide.

Today we sell our products in over 100 countries across 5 continents. Our growth and expansion since 2008 includes the addition of subsidiaries and production facilities in Algeria, Poland, Turkey, Kenya, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Guatemala, and Vietnam. To facilitate collaboration at the local level, we are divided into two hubs: EMEA & ASIA (Europe, the Middle East, Africa & Asia) and AMPA (Americas and the Pacific).

 HM.CLAUSE office sign


HM.CLAUSE is a Business Unit of LIMAGRAIN, an agricultural co-operative founded by farmers in Auvergne, France in 1942. Limagrain’s long commitment to field seeds expanded to include vegetable seeds in 1975. In 1996, LIMAGRAIN acquired both HARRIS MORAN and CLAUSE and went on to create HM.CLAUSE, a single Business Unit dedicated to developing quality vegetable seeds worldwide.