Women and Men Without Whom, Nothing Would Be Possible

At the Source of Life, the Seed

All food finds its origin and its future in seeds. Seeds will become vegetables, fruits, cereals… Life!

HM.CLAUSE specializes in selection, production, and marketing of quality vegetable seeds, and serves as one of the first links in the vital global food chain. More than 3,000 employees, spread over all continents, work every day to meet the challenge of serving and contributing to the improvement of all forms of agriculture, in all their diversity.

HM.CLAUSE, Women and men without whom nothing would be possible!

Passionate, perseverant, committed, and responsible, HM.CLAUSE employees share the same vision; to cooperate for the progress of agriculture, everywhere, for everybody! We are committed to helping our customers to meet today’s agricultural challenges and contribute to global food supply in terms of nutrition, health, and consumption.

Driven by a real passion for our profession, HM.CLAUSE employees each have an essential mission, from selection to distribution of vegetable seeds around the world.

A Diversity of Trades and Skills

Research and development

HM.CLAUSE employee have an essential mission for the future
Employees are committed to offering innovative and diversified solutions.

For HM.CLAUSE, preserving biodiversity, keeping old varieties intact, and creating new varieties is preparing to hand down a unique and special heritage to future generations; a major challenge in the context of global environmental, climatic, and health upheavals. This is why 27% of our workforce is focused on and 18% of our annual revenue is invested in research and development.

The value of our research and development team is in its geographic and cultural diversity, and its plurality of know-how through both traditional breeding and cutting-edge technologies in the fields of phytopathology, cell biology, and molecular biology.

The work of our highly qualified scientific experts consists of combining agronomic performance for our customers including better yield, higher disease resistance, and improved nutritional and taste qualities for consumers.

We are always looking for new methods to adapt our vegetable varieties to the specific needs of our customers, whether in open fields of California, in greenhouses in Spain, or the tropical climate of Indonesia.


Employees are committed to detecting and tackling new market trends
Employees are committed to detecting and tackling new market trends

Our marketing team is uniquely located at the crossroads of research, production, and sales. Within marketing, different key skills coexist.

Marketing product managers are placed under the supervision of crop portfolio managers and distributed throughout the world. Each manager works with his or her team of product managers who are specialized by species in a given geographic area. Product managers are responsible for analysing ever-changing market trends and coordinating the launch of new and innovative products. They also participate in defining the development strategy for their species, guiding research and developing new varieties under specific geographic growing conditions.

Product managers are also in charge of data collection, analysis, registering and patent protecting varieties, and managing product samples which are still in development.

Supply Chain

Employees are committed to detecting and tackling new market trends
Employees are committed to supporting
our large and diverse network of farmer-seed producers

Every day, all over the world, our agricultural engineers and technicians work in production centres and support our large and diverse network of farmer-seed producers. They monitor production contracts and control crops, to ensure seed quality standards are scrupulously met.

Seeds then reach our industrial sites strategically placed around the globe, where specialized teams clean, sort, perform quality control, and package for delivery.

All skills combined allow the global supply and distribution of high-quality vegetable seeds which include high varietal purity, good germination rate, better yield, and resistance to diseases.


Our global seed production network allows us take full advantage of the two different climate cycles of the global hemispheres. Growing under optimal conditions at different times of the year allow for year-round production of commercial variety vegetable seeds.

This is why HM.CLAUSE surrounds itself with seed production experts who constantly inspect and control crops in the fields and ensure that our products meet our strictest quality standards.

Quality Control

When seeds are received at HM.CLAUSE industrial sites, shipments are carefully checked by our reception and storage teams to verify information concerning lots and varieties, before being sampled and sent to  quality control Laboratory teams.

Our quality control experts subject our seeds to a variety of vigorous tests in order to meet demanding standards. Qualified analysts carry out germination tests on each batch of seeds received from the field to make sure we deliver the right productivity, quality, and vigour specifications to our customers.

Specialists in health analysis and plant pathology also detect the possible presence of pathogens responsible for diseases transmitted by pollen on each batch of seeds. Finally, we guarantee the varietal conformity of our products by researching possible other genetic materials.
Our analysis protocols are based on higher standards than those in use to meet the requirements of our customers.  

Industrials Operations

After receiving the green light from our quality control laboratory, highly qualified factory technicians manage various industrial operations including seed sorting, cleaning, drying, processing, storage, packaging, and shipping.

HM.CLAUSE vegetable seeds can now be delivered to their final destination through our global distribution network to any of the 100 countries we serve.


HM.CLAUSE Sales teams in the field
Employees are committed in the field alongside our customers

Our sales team helps to deliver sustainable commercial success to customers by providing effective on-the-ground agronomic solutions with farmers and delivering a consistent supply of high-quality vegetable seeds to our distributor network.

Many customers, producers, cooperatives, farmers, distributors, resellers, and processors trust HM.CLAUSE worldwide because we share the same passion for vegetable production.

HM.CLAUSE sales teams work daily with customers to provide advice, technical assistance, and commercial support. In the field, they develop real relationships and true partnerships, allowing them to experiment with new varieties to meet future productivity requirements and changing needs of their specific growing region.

Health and Security

Employees are committed to deploying health and safety standards.
Employees are committed to deploying health and safety standards.

HM.CLAUSE, a sustainable and responsible company, places the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and suppliers first. More specifically, health and safety, considered to be essential links in our activity, is managed by a dedicated health and safety team.

The women and men of this department contribute to the development of health and safety standards in each country where HM.CLAUSE operates. They deploy global company policies, implement best-practices worldwide, and promote a culture that respects safety, all delivered to each employee in their native language.

Having employee confidence, creating a safe environment and good working conditions, and delivering physical and psychological integrity are at the heart of this department. Regular communication with employees are organized to provide guidance and advice, and to comply with instructions.

During the global crisis of COVID-19, this concern takes on even more meaning. To deal with this pandemic, HM.CLAUSE has, from the first days, implemented and reinforced enhanced safety and hygiene measures that were deployed in each country and adapted to local cultures and guidelines.

Support Functions

Employees are committed to ensuring the smooth running of the business.

Providing advice, expertise, and assistance to the core activities of HM.CLAUSE, is the mission that the Communication, Information Systems, Legal, Finance, and Human Resources teams are constantly pursuing.

Together, these teams safeguard the smooth running of the business and support operational teams daily. They bring together different trades, multiple skills, and business techniques essential to the success and competitiveness of HM.CLAUSE.

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