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Global Products

HM.CLAUSE offers a wide range of vegetable seeds to growers worldwide. From aubergine to zucchini, our products are produced by combining access to groundbreaking technology with knowledge gained from centuries of breeding-by-hand and the best genetics in the marketplace.

Whether it’s increased productivity, better disease resistances, enhanced flavor profiles or superior yields, our customers around the world can be confident that they’ll be getting the best possible products for their fields.

HM.Clause brand logos: Harris Moran and Clause Vegetable Seeds

About Our Brands

Our quality products are sold under our two commercial brands: HARRIS MORAN and CLAUSE. With a rich history, and storied legacy in the countries where they are sold, these brands represent us in our regional markets as the ambassadors to our customers.

HARRIS MORAN is our commercial brand that has historically been developed in the United States. Its strengths lie in our strong partnership with our customers. Its genuineness comes from the close relationship between researchers, product managers, development technicians, sales people, and clients. They are all empowered to discover solutions best adapted to each individual’s local growing conditions.

CLAUSE is our commercial brand that has historically been developed in Europe. Its values are based on the constant search for innovation and the precision work done by specialists in the production of vegetables, in greenhouses or on open fields.