HM.CLAUSE: A Line-up for Every Player in the French Vegetable Chain

Valence, France – January 15, 2016 – During SIVAL 2016, HM.CLAUSE presented its positioning within the French vegetable seed market.

Sival booth

For specialized vegetable growers, HM.CLAUSE proposes a very large and high-quality range of varieties. Its expertise in melon, corn salad, cauliflower, and summer squash, among others, is recognized by market players.

This year, 4 new products are available:

  • The cauliflower JEROBOAM F1 (CLX 33422)* has arrived for the January production market niche. It possesses an intermediate resistance to Mycosphaerella, good resistance to frost, upright foliage and excellent harvesting ability.

Cauliflower Jeroboam(CLX33422)_CLAUSE

  • The melon CLX MQ587 F1 (ZACARI)** has already affirmed its remarkable early maturity in all areas.
  • The melon CLX M1328 F1 (QUINCY)** is adapted to grafted crops and has an excellent taste.
  • The corn salad FESTIVAL (CLX 3440)* with its round, large and firm leaves offers good yield.

For general vegetable growers and short marketing channels, HM.CLAUSE proposes a large line-up of original and high-performance products.

In 2016, this line-up has been enhanced with 20 new varieties, including:

  • Open field head lettuce CLX 12346 (ADELYS)**, resistant to Bremia 16 to 32 and easy to use.
  • The mini cowhorn pepper CLX P6642 F1 (BALCONI)** which distinguishes itself with its attractive color and sweet flavor. It is ideal in a salad or as a snack.
  • The tomato CLX 37608 F1 (CUPIDISSIMO)* which strengthens the CLAUSE diversification line-up and taste for cold shelter.

Tomato Cupidissimo(CLX_37608)_CLAUSE

The HM.CLAUSE sales and technical teams are at the service of all players in the integrated vegetable chain.


** Variety under registration process (APV)
** Variety under registration process (APV) – Denomination pending validation