HM CLAUSE and the Australian Melon Association (AMA) Field Days

Jamaica and Rosada melons

Sales_Team_AMA_resizedHM.Clause’s sales & marketing team, represented by cucurbit product development manager for Australia, Graham Adams, has been nominated for its campaign to bring its Jamaica and Rosada Italian netted melons to the Australian market.

Without the scale to roll out a consumer-focused campaign, HM.Clause targeted two audiences – large commercial melon growers and wholesale market agents – to educate and raise awareness about the two new melon varieties. The two melons are easily to recognise, have flavour at the core of their breeding, and are complementary in that they look similar to each other and grow well in different seasons in different regions, making a full year supply easier to achieve.

These new melon varieties were tested in the market in 2014, but commercial volumes were trialed in 2015 to test how the products ship to market, before launching the 2016 campaign.






While HM.Clause is the leading melon company in France, it has faced challenges in gaining market share in Australia. However, as a result of HM.Clause’s targeted campaign to build awareness of its Jamaica and Rosada melons, the fruit is now known by name at Australia’s major wholesale markets, with HM.Clause growing its rockmelon seed market share to 30 per cent in 2016.


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