HM.CLAUSE Participates in Lockyer Valley Growers – National Horticultural & Innovation Expo


27th & 28th July 2016

HM.Clause was very proud to have been part of this year’s National Horticultural & Innovation Expo held at the DAF QLD Gatton research station. The expo was very well attended by growers from all across Australia and New Zealand.  There were eleven vegetable seed companies in total who participated in the event. HM.Clause had a very impressive display of their leafy and brassica range, showcasing a number of key varieties which have made them a market leader in Australian vegetable seeds over many years.

Of the varieties on show, those which generated considerable interest were:

Iceberg Lettuce

Green Moon – showing its amazing adaptability for a warmer season lettuce with good size and excellent uniformity right into the winter. Many growers commented on the high recoverable yields and excellent disease resistance they experienced from this year’s plantings. It is suitable for summer & autumn harvest in southern production areas & summer through to early winter harvest in south Queensland. It is also good against tipburn & bolting with Bl: 16-26,28;Nr:0.

Carabine – A well-established variety for the Lockyer Valley, best suited to late autumn through to spring harvest. It is a premium quality fresh market variety with a well layered frame, dark thick leaves and excellent uniformity & a good disease package Bl: 16-30,32;Nr:0.

Empire Rose – Also proven to be a very adaptable cool season lettuce. Large size, uniform round heads and very even maturity. Ideal harvest slot for south QLD is July through to September & for Victoria – November through to mid-December. It has a good disease package Bl:16-32;Nr:0.

Cos Lettuce

Altenera – This is a new release cos lettuce with dual purpose for twin pack in winter and for midi-size single sleeve in shoulder season. This variety is flexible in it’s slotting with strong bolting and tip burn tolerance. It has attractive dark green smooth/ slightly blistered leaves, with good gloss and excellent presentation. Bl: 16-32:Nr:0

Multi-leaf Lettuce

Uppercut – A unique bright blonde / green multileaf Oak/Batavia type with outstanding yield & taste! It has thick leaves with great volume & would be an ideal bag filler in all Mesclun mixes. This variety is for year-round production but best suited to the shoulder season & warm slot. Bl: 16-32:Nr0


Primaris – a finer, more serrated, dark leaf European wild rocket type. Very uniform in leaf, high yielding with good bolting tolerance.  Very upright in habit, less susceptible to lower leaf yellowing. This is a premium product, maintaining consistent high quality over multiple cuts.


Kismet – The newest addition to the HM.Clause range via our sister company Hazera. It has smooth, well wrapped curds with excellent weight. It is an extremely adaptable variety well suited to the warm & shoulder season in both southern & northern production areas.

Littoral – Has become the industry standard for summer and autumn production in QLD due to it’s reliability, uniform maturity and high quality curds. It has great frame vigour & wrap.

Defender – Exceptional curd quality, large frame, tight twisted wrap, suited to shoulder season in southern production areas & winter in south QLD.

These 3 will have your Cauliflower needs covered for the year! Discuss your seed requirements for this season with your local HM.Clause Pacific Sales & Development Manager.


Lilli – Slightly later maturing variety for warm season harvest in southern production areas & warm to shoulder season harvest in south QLD. Good vigour with dark green colour and tight heads.

Kuba – Showing once again why it has become the industry main stay for cool & shoulder season production with very firm heads, thick easy to clean stems and easy harvest with an elevated head position.

Principe – Mid-late maturing high quality heads on vigorous frame for cool season harvest in southern production areas. Large, firm domed heads with excellent stem weight.


Newton – Easy to grow, adaptable large dual purpose green cabbage for fresh & processing markets. Good black rot field tolerance, excellent holding for year round production and sweet flavour.

Romanov – Adaptable red cabbage for all seasons, larger size, round heads with superb field holding!

Once again HM.Clause would like to thank everyone who took the time & effort to come and visit our display at this year’s expo.

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