HM.CLAUSE hosts special melon event at its research station in Murcia, Spain

HM.CLAUSE, the leading player in the melon seed business, once again hosted a special melon event at its research station in Murcia during the first week of July.  The event focused primarily on the current melon line-up for the export markets, was well attended by the main melon European traders and importers.  In addition to showcasing a diverse commercial line up and the latest novelties, the event provided an excellent platform for exchanging views with industry professionals about melon markets, trends and customer expectations. It was also an opportunity to taste and enjoy the new products.

Some varieties in particular garnered significant interest from the visitors.  First there was KARMAN, a LSL Charentais variety well-known for its attractive looks and great taste – but also the 2014 novelty SOLIMAN, which retains KARMAN’s best qualities, but is better adapted for the earlier slot thanks to its larger fruit size.

The LSL Galia range also retained our visitors’ attention. At the top of the list was CAPOEIRA, a reliable melon increasing in the overseas season especially in Brazil – without forgetting LAMBADA for Murcia, which produces high marketable yield of attractive and sweet melons.  SAPHIR, a unique variety, was also much appreciated by melon lovers and gourmets.

July 8, 2014