HM.CLAUSE Launches New Website Showcasing Global Vegetable Seed Presence

New multilingual, multi-regional site allows the company’s HARRIS MORAN and CLAUSE brands to coexist on the same portal for the first time

Davis, CA – January 22, 2015 – HM.CLAUSE is launching its new website, which replaces the old HM.CLAUSE website as well as the individual websites for HARRIS MORAN and CLAUSE, the company’s two commercial brands. This single, clear, comprehensive and visually stunning site underscores the significance of the HM.CLAUSE brand in the eyes of its customers, partners, prospective employees, and the media. This launch marks the beginning of a new era for HM.CLAUSE on the worldwide web.

According to Matthew Johnston, Chief Executive Officer of HM.CLAUSE: “The new website is much more than just a simple redesign. Its rich and engaging content illustrates the strategy of HM.CLAUSE, dedicated to meeting the needs of customers worldwide with our global expertise in improving vegetable seeds. Built upon 200 years of tradition in France and the United States, HM.CLAUSE is a strong, modern company that distributes its products in more than 100 countries around the globe.”

The site is now available in French and in English, with customized content for France and the United States. Local languages and regional content (document libraries and presentations of flagship products) for each of our trade areas will be added over time to bring us closer to our customers.

Our website is divided into six main sections: About Us, Products, Research, Resource Center, News & Events, and Careers:

  1. About Us – This section allows Internet users to find out more about our rich French-American history and lists key business figures. It also offers written and video testimonials from some of our customers about our products and our personal way of doing business.
  2. Products – This section showcases the best of our regional and global varieties with an accompanying photo gallery. We also talk about quality control, a key factor in our success that enables us to offer our customers the very best products possible. Finally, this section emphasizes the role of our supply chain experts who oversee seed production, from planting and harvesting all the way through to distribution.
  3. Research – This section presents our mission in light of the challenges of a growing world population. We also discuss our dedication to plant improvement as well as the spirit of innovation needed to help accelerate the launch of new products. Finally, this section deals with bio-diversity and our commitment to protect it.
  4. Resource Center – This section allows users to download technical information sheets, catalogs, brochures and planners with search functions for one or multiple species.
  5. News & Events – This section keep visitors informed of the latest developments with press releases, local info and a calendar of events. We also host a blog called “Notes from the Field”, another way of sharing our stories.
  6. Careers – This page talks about the corporate culture at HM.CLAUSE and what it is like to be a part of our diverse family. It contains international testimonies, details our range of professions, and highlights our company culture in pictures.
    The site also contains a Contact Us page where visitors can make inquiries about a variety of subjects.

While fully focused on the future as we expand our presence in the digital universe, HM.CLAUSE has a rich history, as does our parent company, Limagrain.

In Europe… In 1785, the seed company TÉZIER was founded in Valence, France. Loyal to its roots, the Drôme basin remains a big part of HM.CLAUSE, whose European headquarters are still located in the region. One hundred years later, CLAUSE opened its doors in Paris in 1891. The founder, Lucien Clause, was passionate about plants from an early age. His curiosity and audacity led him to build a groundbreaking research laboratory in 1924, where different varieties were successfully bred, ringing in the era of genetics. Both seed companies TÉZIER and CLAUSE, advanced as much in the French market as they did in the European market thanks to the creation of subsidiaries in Italy (1949) and Spain (1965). TÉZIER joined LIMAGRAIN in 1979, followed by CLAUSE in 1996. CLAUSE and TÉZIER were combined in 2002 to create the company CLAUSE TÉZIER, renamed CLAUSE six years later. This is our main brand name in Europe today.

In North America… In the United States, the company history also begins in the 19th century with the founding of two companies: HARRIS SEEDS and MORAN SEEDS. In 1859, Joseph Harris founded his seed company on Moreton Farm near Rochester, New York. The company was managed by two succeeding generations of the Harris family before its eventual sale. On the west coast, a plant breeder named John Moran co-founded MORAN SEEDS in 1963. HARRIS SEEDS joined MORAN SEEDS in 1984 to become HARRIS MORAN. The company was joined by FERRY MORSE SEEDS in 1998. Originally established in 1852, FERRY & CO. merged with MORSE SEEDS in 1930 to become FERRY MORSE SEED.

In 1996, the group LIMAGRAIN acquired HARRIS MORAN and set out to meet the demand of local markets in the greater America Pacific region. HARRIS MORAN expanded its presence in this region by launching subsidiaries and making key acquisitions in Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Chile and Argentina.

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HM.CLAUSE is a business unit of Limagrain, an international co-operative agricultural group, specializing in field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products. Founded and managed by agriculturists, Limagrain is the leading European vegetable seed company and fourth largest in the world.

In 2008, HARRIS MORAN (USA) and CLAUSE (France) formed the business unit HM.CLAUSE, specializing in vegetable seeds and bringing together 2,200 employees and professionals in over 100 countries. As of June 30, 2014, HM.CLAUSE has generated a turnover of € 257 million. Its investment in research and selection accounts for 15% of its annual sales. The company’s breeding activities involve 25 vegetable species.