HM.CLAUSE launching first Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) resistant tomato varieties

The first launch of ToBRFV-resistant tomato varieties will start in Mexico in November 2022

The first launch will start in Mexico with two saladette varieties that will be introduced at the Expo Agroalimentaria Guanajuato in November 2022.

This launch will be followed in 2023 by new variety introductions in other key tomato markets including Italy, where a group of cherry and cluster type ToBRFV resistant varieties are being trialed on a large scale this fall and winter season.

Validation trials are also in progress in Spain and the Middle East where ToBRFV infection has been confirmed.

Our range of ToBRFV varieties provides high agronomical values AND an effective resistance …

“The last years, HM.CLAUSE has been working in developing a pipeline with IR resistance to ToBRFV, focusing on different tomato segments like Saladette, Cherry, Round Loose and Specialties. Thanks to our elite germplasm and R&D resources, we will be able to deliver value to growers with varieties that provide high agronomic performance and an effective IR resistance to ToBRFV,” says Jose ARAUZ – HM.CLAUSE Tomato Marketing Portfolio Lead.

“Our ambition is to deliver a proven solution to our customers without compromising on any of our tomato variety quality attributes.”

Jose ARAUZ – HM.CLAUSE Tomato Marketing Portfolio Lead

ToBRFV is a highly virulent very aggressive virus that can cause severe infection on tomatoes. It was first discovered in late 2014 in Israel and since then rapidly spread to Jordan (2015), then to Mexico and has now been identified in multiple countries worldwide.

After ToBRFV disease was discovered, a very active search for resistance sources was immediately initiated. HM.CLAUSE, through Limagrain upstream research, contributed to a network of internal and external collaborative discovery projects on ToBRFV using different approaches. This resulted in Limagrain being the first company to file a patent on ToBRFV resistance in tomato in 2017.

While the first generation of tomato hybrids resistant to ToBRFV is being commercialized, Limagrain discovery programs continue to work intensively to find resistances against potential emergent more aggressive forms of this devastating virus.

HM.CLAUSE has always supported its customers from ToBRFV spread

While looking for resistance sources, HM.CLAUSE closely collaborates with its customers to help them contain the virus propagation. HM.CLAUSE has supported farmers to detect the virus and control further spread and crop loss.

The seed company also provides its customers with enhanced prophylactic measures to prevent contamination and supplies its Indeterminate Tomato Portfolio with GSPP seeds.

More than ever HM.CLAUSE proves its tomato know-how and strengthens its leadership and its close link with growers. Providing growers with innovative and concrete solutions enable them to improve the quality of their production in a sustainable way.

HM.CLAUSE is #ThrilledForTomato for over 70 years and it’s not about to stop!

As a global innovative leader in tomato breeding, HM.CLAUSE works all year long to research, develop, test, produce and supply tomato seeds. HM.CLAUSE has a long-lasting tomato (love) story and have been breeding tomatoes for over 70 years.

Its portfolio registers over 300 commercial varieties with new exciting varieties being developed and launched every year, including Beef, Round, Oval, Saladette, Elongated, Marmande, cherry-cocktail, oxheart and many more!

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