HM.CLAUSE, official partner of the Giant Farm of Drôme – Ardèche

Valence, Champ de Mars, September 20-24, 2017

As part of the Valence Gastronomy Festival organized by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the city of Valence and Romans Tourisme, HM.CLAUSE stepped up to propose its open-air space on the Champ de Mars to students during the week and the general public on the weekend.  This action took place at the same time as the Gastronomy Festival.

Exhibition Valence Gastronomie France September 2017 - Panorama


It is very natural for a company like HM.CLAUSE, historically located in Drôme and specialized in the research and production of vegetable and flower seeds, to participate in this kind of operation. Creating new varieties, preserving biodiversity, restoring the classic taste of ancient vegetables sought after by the great chefs, transferring a vital heritage for future generations: these are the main missions of HM.CLAUSE.


HM.CLAUSE, as part of its home garden activity, has undertaken diverse actions in support of urban gardens. Growing your own vegetables in the city is attracting more and more home gardeners and the CLAUSE line-ups are clearly responding to their expectations and desires. And so an idea sprouted in the task force and quickly developed: planting vegetable patches on the Champ de Mars for eight days!

A landscape gardener, Sylvian DUMONT, winner of the national vegetable garden competition by the French National Horticulture Society, helped with the installation and daily maintenance of the space.


School children, as well as many people from the general public, came to visit the exhibition space where ten wooden boxes were set up and presented crops grown at the Maninet center (very close to the Valence center). More than 2 tonnes of potting mix were transported to the Champ de Mars.

Throughout the week, more than 25 HM.CLAUSE employees passionately presented fun training workshops, including a seeds game, a basil plants in buckets game, guess the vegetable games, etc…. to encourage taking up the gardening vocation!

Exhibition Valence Gastronomie France September 2017 - beach flag HM.CLAUSETomato and melon tastings were also offered. Visitors were able to talk directly with HM.CLAUSE staff and gather diverse information they were looking for or answers to relevant questions, in line with the world of seeds.


HM.CLAUSE decided to donate these vegetable patches to an association. The E.S.A.T. of the Medical Center in La Teppe, based in Tain l’Hermitage, collected them in order to set up gardening workshops for people who are ill. A little trick was to place the vegetable patches on wooden pallets in order to transport them more easily!

Valence, October 2, 2017

HM.CLAUSE is a global vegetable seed company dedicated to meeting local needs through global diversity, and is committed to innovation inspired by worldwide partnerships in the scientific, industrial, and commercial fields.   An innovative company whose core business is plant breeding, HM.CLAUSE specializes in the development, production, and sales of vegetable seeds worldwide. In 2008, Harris Moran Seed Company (USA) and Clause (France) were grouped together under the HM.CLAUSE Business Unit of Limagrain. HM.CLAUSE generated 325 euro million in annual sales in 2016 and employs more than 2800 people full-time located in over 30 countries around the world. Its investments in research and breeding represent 14% of annual sales. The organization coordinates breeding for 25 species and has more than 800 people actively engaged in research and development activities. HM.CLAUSE is a Business Unit of Limagrain, an international agricultural co-operative group, specializing in field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products. Founded and managed by French farmers, Limagrain is the 4th largest seed company in the world.

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