HM.CLAUSE Poland inaugurates new office opening in Warsaw

During last week of October 2016 HM.CLAUSE Poland officially opens new office in Warsaw. This new location in the vicinity of the Warsaw airport, with an excellent communication by the proximity of the motorway junction, highlights the special role of being a central office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
With the presence of VP Sales, HR, Finance, Communication and Legal department from headquarter, representatives from Ukraine, Russia and Uzbekistan and also whole Polish team, a new chapter of the business activity has started. From its beginning in 2010 HM.CLAUSE Poland was developing its activities both in sales and in brand awareness. With a collaborative team, high seeds quality and successful agricultural solutions adapted to the local market, HM.CLAUSE Poland provides relevant varieties for its customers.

Focused on HM.CLAUSE Poland, offers top varieties to ensure their growth. With cauliflower Sabord bestseller for tough conditions, pepper Salomon leading variety in red blocky peppers, tomatoes Pink Beauty with excellent taste of pink tomato and Pietrarossa great for mechanical harvesting and processing, HM.CLAUSE Poland is giving the right answer to the market demand.