HM.CLAUSE recently held their Brassica & Leafy field days at Templestowe.

April 21-22, Templestowe
Of considerable interest for the impressive turnout were the following crop segments & varieties:
Iceberg Lettuce

Green Moon – suitable for warm season harvest in southern production areas & summer, autumn harvest in south Queensland. It has a well layered, upright, vigorous frame, is very good against tipburn & bolting & has Bl:16-26,28;Nr:0. Diskoa (ICE 15366) – a newly released adaptable shoulder variety in the Pursuit slot with a bit more frame & vigour. Bl:16-32;Nr:0.

Multi-leaf Lettuce

Uppercut – a bright blonde / green adaptable multileaf Oak/Batavia type for yield & taste! It has thick, bulky leaflets with great volume & would be an ideal bag filler in all Mesclun mixes. Also has Bl:16-32;Nr:0. Limited commercial stock of this variety will be available so get your orders in with your local Sales & Development Manager to ensure seed supply.




Kismet – well suited to the warm & shoulder season in southern & northern production areas. Estivo – has been bred for the warm in southern production areas – has great frame vigour & wrap. Defender – exceptional curd quality, adaptable variety for the shoulder season in southern production areas & winter in south Queensland. These 3 will have your Cauliflower needs covered for the year! Discuss your seed requirements for this season with your local HM.Clause Pacific Sales & Development Manager.


Lilli – slightly later maturing variety for warm season harvest in southern production areas & warm to shoulder season harvest in south Queensland. Principe – mid-late maturing high quality heads on vigorous frame for cool season harvest in southern production areas.


Newtoneasy to grow, adaptable large dual purpose green cabbage for fresh & processing markets.

Romanovadaptable red cabbage for all seasons, with superb field holding!


Once again we would like to thank all of those customers that took the time & effort to visit these field days.

HM.Clause Pacific will be at the 2016 Lockyer valley Growers Horticultural & Innovation Expo on 27th & 28th July. We look forward to seeing you there.