HM.CLAUSE Vietnam to introduce the 2023-2024 Product Catalogue!

HM.CLAUSE Vietnam has launched the 2023-2024 Catalogue in both electronic and printed versions to better meet the needs of customers who want to have an insightful view of the Company and their products.
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The 2023 – 2024 Product Catalogue

As an international leader in sustainable agriculture, HM.CLAUSE specializes in breeding, production, and sales of high-quality vegetable seeds. Officially established in Vietnam in 2015, HM.CLAUSE Vietnam’s headquarters is located in the Agricultural High-tech Park of Ho Chi Minh City. In September 2023, HM.CLAUSE Vietnam published the 2023-2024 Product Catalogue in both electronic and printed formats with the purpose of reaching more customers, and providing insightful knowledge of the Company – from its Values to its People and its Products.

Printed copies of the Catalogue 2023-2024 will be delivered to customers and partners in the coming days. The electronic version of the catalogue is accessible by following this link (The Catalogue is written in Vietnamese):

A catalogue on the floor
The 2023 – 2024 Product Catalogue

The 2023-2024 Product Catalogue includes an Introduction from the General Manager, Company Overview, the Breeding Process, an introduction of the Sales and Product Development team, and concise information on products and farming techniques, categorized by plant families: Cucurbit, Solanaceae, Brassicaceae, Malvoideae, Asteraceae, Fabaceae and Apiaceae.

We hope this document will be a great informative channel for our customers and partners as they dive into this experience with the world of HM.CLAUSE.

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