Huge success for CLAUSE 4th international Open Days held in Amman


The 4th CLAUSE international Open Days took place on July 11th and 12th, 2017 at the HM.CLAUSE upland research station in Amman, Jordan*. It is an amazing showcase of our commercial assortment and also a real opportunity to show the new promising range of varieties and interact with customers.

This event has become a key event for the Middle East-, Southern East-, Eastern and Central Europe-, Maghreb- and African regions.  Around 200 people from 40 different countries attended the event.

On display this year we had 280 vegetable varieties of 12 different species, with a specific highlight on Cucumber, Tomato, Squash, Watermelon and Melon. While going round the trials visitors could find novelties in other crops including Sweet Corn, Bean, Pepper, Eggplant, Okra, bottle and bitter Gourds.

HM.CLAUSE presented 2 new open field Cucumbers still at a trial stage: 42055 F1 & 42057 F1, multi virus resistant Beit alpha types, with high yield of uniform fruits of very good quality.

We are also investing a lot on Indoor Cucumbers and we start to sell new commercial varieties this year, such as DAHAB F1, a parthenocarpic Beit Alpha type, early, vigorous, with 2-3 fruits per node, 17-18 cm fruit length and good yield potential.

Several new determinate Tomatoes were highlighted during this event: JOLLANAR F1, a main season variety TYLCV resistant (IR) for the fresh market, with flattened round shaped, as well as CLX 38346 F1 (EXP 305), a round shaped tomato for the fresh market, adapted to the early and mid-early season with a very good package of disease resistances including TYLCV.

Among Squashes visitors could see several new varieties.

A focus was made on a new release in Watermelon: LIVIA F1, a blocky round Crimson sweet hybrid with uniform, high yield fruits, high Brix and crisp firm flesh on the inside, as well as 2 new Watermelons: CLX 3081 F1 & CLX 3090 F1, both blocky round Crimson sweet types with large fruit size and high Brix .

In the Melon category, a focus was specially made on: CLX MGH78, a Galia type with extra large fruit size (2-3 kg), nice externals and internal quality and good field holding.

For the first time we had on show various Asian crops, such as Okra, bottle and bitter Gourds.

This event is a unique opportunity to exchange with our Research, Marketing, Development, Communication and Sales teams and share mutual experiences, views about the market, answer specialist questions.

After the heat in the fields, particularly intense this year (38 to 42°C), a plenary meeting followed by a rich debate was organized indoors on Tuesday. Update on the most substantial developments of our company, with a special focus on our new products and the successful “triangular cooperation” between our R&D, Marketing and Sales teams.

Customers were full of praise for these Open days and the wide range of high quality crops on display. We believe that the CLAUSE International Open Days in Jordan will contribute to building a fruitful future with partners and customers. The success of the event comes as confirmation of HM.CLAUSE’s ability to listen to its customers’ requirements and to provide the ideal response to local producer constraints and needs.

Portes-Les-Valence, July 21st. 2017

*The HM.CLAUSE Amman Research station was created in January 2012. Its global surface is today 6 ha, including 1.5 ha for field days and 3.5 ha for screening.

HM.CLAUSE is a global vegetable seed company dedicated to meeting local needs through global diversity, and is committed to innovation inspired by worldwide partnerships in the scientific, industrial, and commercial fields.   An innovative company whose core business is plant breeding, HM.CLAUSE specializes in the development, production, and sales of vegetable seeds worldwide. In 2008, Harris Moran Seed Company (USA) and Clause (France) were grouped together under the HM.CLAUSE Business Unit of Limagrain. HM.CLAUSE generated 325 euro million in annual sales in 2016 and employs more than 2800 people full-time located in over 30 countries around the world. Its investments in research and breeding represent 14% of annual sales. The organization coordinates breeding for 25 species and has more than 800 people actively engaged in research and development activities. HM.CLAUSE is a Business Unit of Limagrain, an international agricultural co-operative group, specializing in field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products. Founded and managed by French farmers, Limagrain is the 4th largest seed company in the world.

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