Sales subsidiary HMCLAUSE Tohumculuk inaugurated in Turkey

HMCLAUSE Tohumculuk inaugurated with brio its new offices in Antalya on Thursday 14th May 2015.

Top executives from HM.CLAUSE attended the event, Mathew Johnston, CEO, Franck Berger, Deputy CEO and many HM.CLAUSE VPs, alongside Turkish officials, customers, local professional press and subsidiary employees.


HMCLAUSE Tohumculuk was established in April 2012. The company consists of 44 employees, 20 of whom are involved in research, based either at the head office in Antalya or its research station in Aksu.

Establishing a base in Antalya is an opportunity to be involved at the heart of the protected crop market, which represents more than 20,000 hectares of greenhouses. In the short term, we are looking to increase current market share from 4% to 6%. The team at HMCLAUSE Tohumculuk has various key assets within its CLAUSE product range, such as the CITIREX melon variety, which is the undisputed leader of the Galia range for glasshouse growing, the KANGOO and KARDELEN cauliflower varieties, with a market share of around 50%, and tomatoes for the fresh produce market and industry, in which new varieties have already started to expand very promisingly: the new CLX 37532 tomato for autumn glasshouse growing, HMX 5790 for field crops and the cocktail type SENTINO.


After a speech of Matthew Johnston and Jean-Paul Chamoux, Manager of HMCLAUSE Tohumculuk, the main customers of the subsidiary received a commemorative plaque of the event. The reception ended with a cocktail party.


Antalya, 20th May 2015

Media contact:
Véronique Lafanechère