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At HM.CLAUSE, we recognize that teamwork is directly responsible for our collective success. That’s why we encourage ongoing professional growth and talent development with generous opportunities across departments around the globe. A growing company, we embrace mobility and offer the flexibility to forge your own career path.

Our stories

Maria Jose Lillo Astudillo

What is your view of the company culture at HM.CLAUSE?
We are working toward advancing agriculture. In the end, all of us are contributing to meet global food needs. This is possible due to collaboration within our teams and above all, perseverance amongst our colleagues.

Why are you proud to be part of HM.CLAUSE?
HM.CLAUSE is a company that allows for continuous improvement. With more than a decade in the company,I have grown personally and professionally, and I believe that I can achieve the objectives laid out for me by the company.

Why should someone consider a career at HM.CLAUSE?
HM.CLAUSE is a solid company that offers a variety of careers throughout the world, which in turn creates a very rich diversity of cultures and attitudes.

Craig France

What has your career path looked like at HM.CLAUSE?
I started with HMC in 2009 as the Sales and Development Manager for the New Zealand market. In New Zealand I worked with growers and processors developing products in a range of species including brassicas, lettuce and beans. In 2015 I relocated with my family to Davis, California to take up the Product Manager role for Determinate Tomatoes.

What do you see as the most critical challenge for our industry, and what is our company’s role in meeting that?
The biggest challenge we have as a company is to anticipate future changes in the market and provide future solutions for our customers. The best way we meet this is to stand beside our customers and understand the environment they work in. We are a hands on company that has a long term perspective.

What is your view of the company culture at HM.CLAUSE?
One of the greatest strengths at HMC is our great diversity. I work with people from many different countries and cultures every day. The culture of the company is therefore very inclusive.

Our work in action

Research, Breeding, and Technology are at the heart of what we do—with each new seed carefully developed by expert scientific teams. A third of our diverse workforce, opportunities in this innovative department are only growing.

BREEDER: Artfully combines parental lines to create innovative and market-leading new vegetable varieties

QUALITY CONTROL LAB MANAGER: Oversees testing and analyses to guarantee that our products exceed quality, germination, and purity standards

LAB ANALYST: Qualitatively analyzes seed samples to ensure quality and cleanliness

A Secure Supply Chain is fundamental to production, processing, and distribution. From our production fields abroad to processing plants in California and France, our worldwide distribution network delivers only the best vegetable seeds.

SEED PRODUCTION COORDINATOR: Plans, coordinates, and manages the production of seed to meet commercial needs

SEED FACTORY MANAGER: Coordinates the activities of our processing facilities to ensure the timely production of clean, high-quality seed products

SEED PRODUCTION TECHNICIAN: Works with the seed factory manager to clean, sort, and ensure the quality of incoming seeds

Marketing collaborates with Research, Sales, and Supply Chain to coordinate the development of new varieties, analyzing market trends and communicating closely with clients to ensure new products meet growing market demand. The diverse people who make up our marketing teams are organized by Product Management and Marketing Operations.

PRODUCT MANAGER: Within their species of responsibility, works with research, sales, and supply chain to develop new seed varieties, define crop development strategy and coordinate the launching of new products into the market

MARKETING PROJECT LEADER: Responsible for Marketing related data and analysis including product registration, disease resistance database maintenance, and sample management activities

Sales work directly with clients to build meaningful relationships, provide strategic advice on product selection, and smoothly process orders to satisfy grower demand.

AREA SALES MANAGER: Responsible for sales, staff, and strategic pricing policy in a specific region

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT REPRESENTATIVE: Manages day-to-day customer relationships and works with product managers to define regional variety introductions

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Communicates with the sales team to process orders and lead client-focused administrative duties

Support Functions include roles across Communications, Human Resources, Finance, Legal and IT departments to provide unparalleled strategic guidance. These business partners play an integral role in the success of everyday operations.

BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP MANAGER: Friendly experts responsible for data systems management, these business partners provide project priorities advice with a focus on change management

FINANCIAL SERVICE: Processes and disseminates financial data to facilitate decision making
COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST: Creatives managing corporate, promotional and internal communications strategy to enhance the company, its brands and services

HUMAN RESOURCES GENERALIST: Responsible for coordinating internal employee policy and managing recruitment, these key business partners promote diversity and teamwork while supporting the global strategy and development plan of HM.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Dedicated to customer satisfaction with a focus on continuous improvement,the QA Team collaborates to provide framework and support across cross division projects, risk management, certification and accreditation, and more.

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