Our Life

Our management principles of teamwork, collaboration, transparency, and accountability are promoted throughout all levels of our global workforce. These principles generate within our company a strong team spirit, which binds us together as colleagues and as a family. At HM.CLAUSE, we are proud to enjoy a work environment that fosters trust, respect, friendship, and a collective dedication to excellence while also allowing our employees to share their own personal passions and create strong, lifelong bonds.



Our success depends on our ability to engage, retain, and grow our workforce by celebrating achievements, encouraging our people to be innovative and fostering a positive environment. With our events, such as product field days, regional forums, and employee award ceremonies, our employees have the opportunities to learn, be recognized, collaborate and have fun. Additionally, we support the efforts of employees in our various offices to organize their own activities, learning opportunities and wellness programs.


With employees on six continents and from many ethnic and cultural backgrounds, we recognize that supporting a diverse and inclusive environment is essential for generating the innovative ideas necessary to drive our business. This environment fosters a workplace culture where our employees can achieve their potential and it extends to every one of our global stakeholders.


At HM.CLAUSE, we appreciate that we are part of a larger society, both in a business sense as well as in our local communities. At a global level, we are invested in supporting a wide variety of activities that help to prepare innovative solutions to the agricultural problems of the future. Locally, we embrace the opportunity to educate and improve the communities in which we work and live.