Our roots

A united legacy. 200+ years in the making.

Headquarter Portes-Les-Valence – New building – France – 2021

Over 3,000+ people across 30 countries contribute to the success of HM.CLAUSE and what we do best—bring high quality seed products to the global vegetable supply chain and consumers worldwide.

Our parent company, The Limagrain Group, a French agricultural co-operative, is run by farmers for farmers. Equipped with over 200 years of expertise across the vegetable seed industry, our collective work is rooted in the work of extraordinary pioneers whose early investments led to groundbreaking advances in modern seed technology. It’s a shared history of bold leadership continuing to advance agriculture today.

HM.CLAUSE historic milestones.

  • 1785: Seed company TÉZIER is founded in Valence, France. The celebrated region is synonymous with seed production and home of HM.CLAUSE European headquarters today.
  • 1879: Joseph Harris develops HARRIS SEEDS on Moreton Farm near Rochester, New York.
  • 1891: Renowned plant enthusiast Lucien Clause founded seed company CLAUSE in Paris, France.
  • 1924: CLAUSE opens a groundbreaking research laboratory and successfully breeds a number of varieties, ushering in a new era in genetics.
  • 1949: TÉZIER and CLAUSE effectively advance across the European market with key subsidiaries in Italy (1949) and Spain (1965).
  • 1963: On the west coast of the United States, plant breeder John Moran co-founds MORAN SEEDS.
  • 1965: Farmers in Auvergne, France establish LIMAGRAIN with a focus on field seeds.
  • 1975: LIMAGRAIN expands to include vegetable seeds.
  • 1979: Group LIMAGRAIN purchases TÉZIER.
  • 1984: HARRIS SEEDS joins MORAN SEEDS to become our U.S. label, HARRIS MORAN.
  • 1996: Group LIMAGRAIN purchases HARRIS MORAN, setting out to meet the demand of local markets in the greater America Pacific region. HARRIS MORAN expanded its presence by launching subsidiaries and securing valuable acquisitions in Mexico, Chile and Argentina. During this time, LIMAGRAIN invests in purchasing CLAUSE as well—setting the stage for long-term growth and success.
  • 1998: HARRIS MORAN is joined by FERRY MORSE SEED.
  • 2007: EN VANG established in Vietnam.
  • 2008: Group LIMAGRAIN combines flagship brands, HARRIS MORAN in the U.S. and CLAUSE in Europe, to create HM.CLAUSE, one thriving business dedicated to developing quality vegetable seeds worldwide.
  • 2015: HM.CLAUSE acquires EN VANG.

Our growth and expansion includes subsidiaries and production facilities in:  Algeria, Turkey, Kenya, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Guatemala, and Vietnam. Today we operate three core hubs:

  • AMPA

Americas and the Pacific

  • EMEA

Europe, the Middle East, & Africa

  • ASIA 

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