Our Work

Research, breeding and technology are at the heart of our company’s activities. Each new product is carefully created by our expert research and breeding teams. Encompassing a third of our workforce, opportunities in this department are abundant and growing.

Supply chain is one of the most fundamental parts of our company’s success. It ensures the production, processing, and distribution of seeds to our customers. From our production fields abroad to our processing plants in California and France to our worldwide distribution network, our supply chain is vital to our ability to provide the best vegetable seeds in the world.

Marketing works with research, sales and supply chain to coordinate the development of seed products. Analyzing market trends, working closely with research and breeding to create the required variety, evaluating the development of varieties as they progress through the pipeline, and allocating seeds to each sales market segment, Marketing is the cornerstone of our business of vegetable seed development.

Sales works directly with customers to provide advice on product selection, build relationships and establish partnerships, and process orders to satisfy grower demand.

Support functions include various departments that collaborate with, and provide assistance to, the core activities of our organization.