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By opening this package User acknowledges that he has duly read, understood, agreed and will comply with the present notice of HM.CLAUSE SA and all other restrictions herein contained.

HM.CLAUSE has exercised its utmost care in producing the enclosed seeds.

These seeds are intended for growing a single crop only for vegetable production purpose ; all and any other use is strictly prohibited.

Seeds being living organisms, the descriptions, illustrations, photographs, technical data and disease resistance ratings that are provided herein are based on knowledge to date and on evaluation results from various locations, and are offered in all good faith, for purely information purposes. They are aimed at experienced professionals and are derived from observations made in defined and favourable conditions. It is not a prediction or promise of future performance or any guarantee of harvest/result. Crop performance will vary depending on geographic location, environmental and sanitary conditions, agronomical and crop management practices, and the presence and strain of pests or pathogens. New, unknown, and/or atypical strains of pathogens may overcome the resistance of the variety.

User must first and foremost ensure that his exploitation conditions, local geographical conditions, his planned growing period, his soil, the means at his disposal (such as technical knowledge and experience and cultural techniques and operations), his resources (such as tests and control methods) and his equipment, and more generally his agronomical, climatic, sanitary, environmental and economic context are suitable for the crops, techniques and varieties that are presented herein.

The technical data provided is for reference only and does not constitute a crop warranty of any kind, express or implied. HM.CLAUSE warrants to the extent of the purchase price only, that these seeds conform to the description.

New varieties : despite all the care taken by our technical teams to observe and validate varieties under different agro-climatic conditions and in different locations, we suggest User to try these new varieties for the first times under its own conditions during a sufficient period of time.

The provisions of the present notice apply similarly in case User is sowing flower/medicinal/herb/aromatic seeds.

Not for human or animal consumption – not for oil purpose – keep away from children.

Do not reuse the empty container.

Treated seeds can be toxic. Avoid any contact with skin, eyes and clothes. Seed handling can generate dust; a respiratory mask has to be used.

User is responsible for storage conditions, in a cool, dry place away from sunlight so as to avoid differences in temperature, in order to keep the good quality of the seeds.

All intellectual property rights reserved. Illegal reproduction and/or exploitation is forbidden. Violation of these rights may constitute a serious offence that is prosecutable by Law. For further information see:

Our seeds comply with ISF’s and ESA’s recommendations relating to norms, definitions and resistances – read more :

All reproductions, whether in part or in whole, of any part of the packaging, in any form whatsoever, are strictly forbidden, unless specific prior written permission is granted by HM.CLAUSE SA. All pictures on packaging are non contractual– All rights are reserved.