Plenty of novelties and daily operations on the HM. CLAUSE IBERICA stand at Expolevante – Nijar (Spain) – April 2016

Nijar, Spain – April 27- 29, 2016. HM.CLAUSE IBERICA attended the Expolevante fair in Nijar near Almeria with the aim to present its 2016 novelties and its whole range of vegetable seeds.

The focus was particularly made on cherry type tomatoes with three new varieties for loose or clusters with a good yield, storage ability and a very good taste ; CLX37841 F1* (SABORINI), FLAVORITI F1 and CLX37784 F1*(ASTUTO) in the lineage of famous GENIO and CREATIVO varieties.



For the long shelf life was also displayed JACARANDA F1. This variety is adapted to short and long cycles with homogeneous fruits, a uniform G caliber all the season long as well as CERVANTES F1. “CERVANTES F1 is a cluster variety with a good storage ability and an intense red color” specified Andrés Perez, Sales Representative for the Levante area.

Tomato CLX37841_EN

Tomato CLX37841

In the beef type, CLX 37847 F1 * (CABRERA) and CLX 37758 F1 * (CORSINI) were particularly noticed for their caliber and precocity.

Tomato is the specie number one for HM.CLAUSE. With an international reach, HM.CLAUSE is breeding tomato varieties for markets all over the world and offers a very diversified range with more than 10 different typologies.

Also was presented, VICTORIA F1 and MUSA F1, two squash varieties with a good yield and precocity.



The stand was daily animated by the famous Onda Cero Spanish radio network. Every afternoon, customers and HM.CLAUSE IBERICA team were “on the air” to exchange on novelties and market news.

Onda_Cero_ITV_Manuel_Ruiz_ Expolevante_2016_EN

Finally, as every fair has its official inauguration, the Councillor in Agriculture, Maria Carmen Ortiz and the Mayor of the Nijar city, Esperanza Perez made a stop on the stand to learn more about cherry tomatoes.


HM. CLAUSE IBERICA S.A.U. has operated in the Spanish market since 1965.
The Company operates in Almeria (head office and research station), Murcia (research station) and Malaga (production station).
With 87 employees, it is ranked number 4 in the Spanish market as a leader in cherry and RAF tomato, squash, melon, cauliflower, celery as well as one of the main players in peppers and other tomato slots

Almeria, May 2, 2016

*Variety under registration process with provisional sales authorization – Denomination pending validation

In 2008, CLAUSE (France) and HARRIS MORAN (USA) were grouped together under the HM.CLAUSE Business Unit. On January 1st 2014 both companies were renamed respectively HM.CLAUSE Inc (USA) and HM.CLAUSE SA (France).

HM.CLAUSE SA breeds, produces and markets innovative vegetable seeds for professionals. The company has more than two centuries of experience. It is the leader on the French vegetable seeds market.

Entirely devoted to vegetable seeds, the HM.CLAUSE Business Unit employs 2,300 people and is ranked fourth worldwide in its sector. HM.CLAUSE generated 289 million euros turnover in 2015 and its investments in Research and Development represent 14 % of annual sales. It’s Research and Development Division represents 29% of the total headcount. Its breeding activities concern 25 different species. HM.CLAUSE has commercial subsidiaries in 17 countries: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Italy, Algeria, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, Poland, Guatemala, Australia, Kenya and Peru. HM.CLAUSE’s main commercial brands are Harris Moran and Clause.

HM.CLAUSE is a Business Unit of Limagrain, an international agricultural co-operative group, specialized in field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products. Founded and managed by farmers, Limagrain is the 4th largest seed company in the world and leader in Europe.

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