Precision Harvesting—A Major Player in Transforming Agriculture

Commercial farming is dealing with labor shortages, increased cost of hiring, and struggling for a profitable harvest. As a solution, a rise in automation, specifically, precision harvesting systems is taking place.

commercial farming is expanding into precision harvesting

The Emerging Technology in Commercial Farming

The growing demand for precision harvesting systems is supported by the rise in its awareness and market value. The transformation is leading to new investments, partnerships, and acquisitions, including local government. Programs that came from this trend, like the Intelligent Boom Control in North America, make sure operators can improve accuracy from the machines. This development is driving a new market niche that combats the previously broad automation.

With increased awareness and demand, the agriculture industry forecasts that these innovations are expected to expand and become an integral part of commercial farming by 2023. The increased mechanization worldwide is set to shift the future market everywhere.

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