Improving plants.

Feeding & protecting the planet.

Trusted safeguards of biodiversity, our leading edge researchers help feed the planet. Together, we’re advancing the genetic variability of cultivated species with improved characteristics to feed families around the world.

At HM.CLAUSE, we offer farmers and growers the choice to respond to their environmental realities while preserving:

  • soil health and the environment at-large
  • the diversity of plant-based food
  • resource-efficient agriculture
  • enhanced plant varieties and resistances

Our regional-specific solutions are locally adapted to answer every farmer and grower challenge. Each variety we develop corresponds to a specific need, dedicated weather conditions, available resources, farming habits, and consumer preference.

What is biodiversity ?

Biodiversity describes the vast variety of life in the world. Imagine the variability of living organisms across ecosystems and habitats from the desert to coral reefs and rainforests. Beyond the diversity of species, what’s less visible but equally important is the diversity of genes and their combinations.

In 1993, the global community recognized the collective importance of biodiversity at the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio, where the Convention on Biological Diversity was adopted. This convention establishes the sovereignty of each state regarding its natural heritage and the biodiversity contained within its borders. Organizations like the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN have led the implementation of responsible approaches to managing access to biological diversity under the auspices of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture.

Our contribution:

Varietal diversity protects biodiversity. Our team is committed to developing robust and resilient plant varieties in order to give farmers and growers access to quality seeds while helping them respond to shifting environmental realities. Adapting plants to best meet the needs of growers and consumers demands the precision of experienced scientists equipped with the latest tools and technology. At HM.CLAUSE, breeders develop new varieties from existing plants (genetic resources) by crossing plants for desirable qualities from disease resistance to improved taste. Only the best plants produced from these crosses, the descendants, are then selected for commercial production. It’s our contribution to enhancing agricultural diversity and international food production.

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