Women and Men Without Whom, Nothing Would Be Possible

As part of the first link of the food chain, HM.CLAUSE employees share the same vision, working together for the progress of agriculture everywhere and for everybody! Women and men of HM.CLAUSE, without whom nothing would be possible

Summer Squash

At HM.CLAUSE, our market-leading summer squash varieties are known for their high yield, excellent fruit quality, disease resistances, and local adaptability. Discover why HM.CLAUSE summer squash seeds are a top seller the world over.


We have a vast portfolio of hot and sweet peppers with wide adaptability to meet the regional demands of growers and consumers alike. HM.CLAUSE pepper varieties are the key to consistent high yields with excellent fruit quality. Discover why commercial growers prefer HM.CLAUSE peppers.


HM.CLAUSE melon varieties have the quality that consumers demand and the yield commercial melon growers look for. Our melon varieties offer high yield with great flavor and ripeness that ships.