Research Overview

HM.CLAUSE is dedicated to creating new varieties that match the requirements of our customers as well as end consumers. Research is critical to the continued success of our company and our commercial brands, which is why, every year, we invest 15% of our annual sales in our worldwide research team.

With the world population expected to exceed 9.6 billion by the year 2050, our challenge is clear – how can we continue to innovate in order to solve local agricultural problems and help meet our world’s growing demand for nutritious, sustainable food sources. We are passionate about our work and are driven by the desire to succeed in meeting the challenges of a demanding and growing world.

Our team is diverse in geography, culture and expertise. We are present in 13 countries, and are active in over 50. We utilize traditional breeding techniques alongside cutting edge technologies in the areas of plant pathology, cell biology, and molecular biology to create market leading products that make us an industry leader.   Our focus is on creating vegetable seeds which help growers around the world achieve increased yield, improved disease resistance and enable better taste and quality . We are always exploring new ways to tailor our products to the specific environments in which our customers operate – whether in the open fields of California, the protected culture in Spain, or in the tropics of Indonesia.