HM.CLAUSE Visit to Santa Martha’s Children House

San Vicente, B.C. Mexico.

This past September, during part of the activities of the Mexico subsidiary of HM.CLAUSE’s annual sales meeting, the company organized a visit to Santa Martha Children House, a private organization dedicated to the care and housing of underprivileged children. It was the first time that HM.CLAUSE Mexico has organized this type of event, which was motivated by a desire to support the local community in which we operate.

During this activity, which encompassed a wide variety of employees and staff from both HM.CLAUSE Mexico and our US division, we were excited to be able to meet with, and share our time with the children of the Santa Martha House. Our day began by delivering food and other essential items, which were donated by employees of HM.CLAUSE Mexico with matching funds from the company, totaling US $1,500.00. After that, the day continued with employees helping to plant a variety of vegetable species on the site of the Children House. Species planted included pumpkins, tomatillos and tomatoes. During the planting process, the employees helped the children not only understand the lifecycle of a seed, but also the best way to care for and encourage growth among the various crops.

Once finished, the activity transitioned to a time of eating and fellowship where our employees had the opportunity to interact directly with the children and employees of the Children Home. Following the meal, some played soccer and basketball, while others sat under the trees to talk and interact with children to learn about their lives and experiences. For both the HM.CLAUSE team as well as the members of the group home, it was a day full of experiences and lessons of which we will never forget. It was a great reminder of the type of team that we are and we strive to be a company dedicated not only to our business, but also to the local communities around us. We are excited to continue to work towards supporting these types of events and encouraging our employees to remain engaged the societies in which they live and work.