Seed Breeding

Better traits.
Better quality vegetables.

From tomato to okra, we breed 20+ in-demand vegetable species.

Plant breeding is essential to achieve efficient and sustainable food production. Farmers, growers, clients, and consumers count on us to continuously improve seeds — because better seeds benefit the quality and agricultural performance of crops. The primary goals of our plant breeding techniques are to generate new genetic diversity, and then select plants with the desired improved characteristics. To earn results, we develop plants that better adapt to human needs with a focus on sustainability. In fact, we invest 18% of annual sales revenue to Research and Development efforts.

HM.CLAUSE is home to 14 Varietal Breeding Centers around the world and 3 International Research Centers based in France and California. Our breeders and researchers total over 500 and practice traditional techniques alongside groundbreaking technologies to develop industry leading seed varieties using plant pathology, cell biology, and molecular biology. Sophisticated computer models reveal genotype and phenotype data along with the relationship between genetic information and plant characteristics, allowing us to identify optimum plants from crossing of genetic resources.

As always, client’s needs come first and clear communication with colleagues around the globe ensure our plant breeding program is equipped to meet the demands of an evolving marketplace.

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