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Healthy seeds start with healthy plants. Our production sites are located in favorable climate conditions and align with strict protocols to ensure quality plant health—because the most robust seed-producing plants offer more viable and vigorous seeds. Once a variety is ready for commercial sale, proven plant biology and pathology experts carefully examine each seed lot for the presence of seed transmitted disease causing pathogens and ensure our strict global quality standards are met. These guidelines exceed industry standards to offer premium varieties—virtually guaranteeing no weed seed, other crop, or inert materials are present.

Lab testing ranges from traditional trials and grow-outs to use of advanced technology and genetic analysis. Specifically, our top Quality Control team is responsible for the evaluation of over 160 vegetables, aromatics and floral species. Together, we test for:

  • Germination Effectiveness: We determine the quality of germination under optimal regulatory conditions and customer conditions across potting soil, greenhouses, and culture rooms.
  • Pathology: Seed health control detects the possible presence of pathogens and diseases while seed pathology research identifies new pathogens and verifies their transmission by the seed.
  • Purity: Genetic control validates the identity and genetic purity of every seed lot while techno-research adds value to each seed.

Ultimately, HM.CLAUSE is committed to fostering plant and seed health to sustainably respond to growers’ environmental realities—offering reliable solutions to the global vegetable supply chain.

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