Seed health

At HM.CLAUSE, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible products to our customers. We produce our seeds using the best available practices, ensuring that quality standards are met during each step of the process. Once a product is ready for commercial sale, we carefully examine each lot to sure that our strict global quality standards are met. Our expert quality assurance team tests our seed for germination effectiveness, pathology, purity and hybridity. Our testing processes exceed industry standards in order to meet the needs of our customers.


Seed Productivity

Producing quality seeds is our first and most important priority. To meet our high standards, we employee certified analysts to conduct germination tests of each seed lot in order to ensure the productivity, quality and vitality or products.

Seed Health

Our plant biology and pathology experts test samples of each seed lot for the presence of seed transmitted disease causing pathogens. These tests range from traditional trials and grow-outs to use of advanced technology and genetic analysis.

Seed Cleanliness

Each seed lot is closely evaluated to guarantee that there are no weed seed, other crop or inert materials present.

Seed Genetics

We use trials, grow-outs and high-technology laboratory tests of our seed lot to ensure the trueness-to-type of our products, test the hybridity of our F1 hybrids and check for the presence of other genetic material. The use of advanced technology and expert knowledge to ensure the quality of our seeds is an essential part of our commitment to delivering the best, most productive and highest-quality products to our customers.