SIPA Tipline

The Seed Innovation and Protection Alliance (SIPA) Tipline

HM.CLAUSE, Inc. is a founding member of the Seed Innovation and Protection Alliance (SIPA), a group of like-minded plant breeders, researchers and associated members that support investment in innovation for the purpose of breeding and marketing better varieties of fruits and vegetables.

As plant breeders, our goal is to provide growers and consumers with innovative products that address the challenges of crop production while delivering high quality produce to the market. To accomplish this, we make significant investments in the research and development of new varieties that meet the needs of today’s marketplace.

To meet this challenge requires continued investment, dedicated plant breeding teams and the opportunity to capture the value we breed into every new variety.  Capturing this opportunity requires strong property rights and support from all of those in the produce chain to protect these rights. To assist in reporting suspected infringement, SIPA has a confidential tip line. Should you have concerns about the infringement of property rights, please use the tip line to report any circumstances you think may infringe these rights.  Thank you for your support.

Helpful Reporting Guidelines

When filing a report with 1-844-SeedTip (1-844-733-3847 – Toll free), please provide as much of the information identified below as possible regarding the potential illegal use of seed. All information provided to SIPA will be kept confidential.

  • Please provide any specific location(s) of the potential violation(s), including but not limited to the specific farm, fields, bins, and dates of potential violation;
  • Please provide the full name of suspected violator(s) or entity including but not limited to cleaner/conditioner/delinter/nursery/grow out companies/seed broker as well as any associated individuals;
  • Please provide the type of crop;
  • If you know, please provide:
    • The brand
    • The variety
    • The trait
    • Any additional specific information regarding the suspected infringement, including: Seed volume; and Potential sales of the crop to a third party.

SIPA Tip Line Frequently Asked Questions

If I report seed piracy to the SIPA, will my name be kept confidential?

Your personal information will not be revealed outside of SIPA unless required by law. SIPA takes all reasonable measures to ensure your confidentiality and the confidentiality of your report at all times.

What happens after I file a report of illegal seed or technology use?

The process is simple. Just leave a voice message with as much information as you can recall. SIPA will forward the information to the seed or trait technology stakeholder. 

For more information, visit the SIPA Website

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