Brussel Sprouts

HM.CLAUSE Brussel Sprout varieties Brel and Bret for Australia and New Zealand


HM.CLAUSE Coriander and Cilantro varieties for Australia and New Zealand


HM.CLAUSE Seed Catalogue. Varieties for Australia and New Zealand.


Among vegetables, the cucurbitaceous crops form one of the largest groups due to their wide adaptation from arid to humid tropic environments. The major gourds are bottle gourd, bitter gourd, ridge gourd & sponge gourd. Gourds are important source of starch resources & medicinal value in many regional diets. gourd seeds, gourd seeds in india, […]

Hot Pepper

Hot pepper is an important commercial vegetable crop in India & one of the major commodities among spices. We have a range of products from fresh green & dry red dual purpose. We have different level of pungency as per the market requirement & also have good level of disease tolerance combined with high productivity. […]