Andres Trillo

As HM.CLAUSE continues on a path of growth, one challenge is how to scale up the organization from a people perspective. The next evolution of the company requires organizational structuring that emphasizes the acquisition and development of new talent. To scale up effectively, the focus must be on our people – the experts and innovators of today, who will lead and sustain our industry into the future.”

Andres Trillo is the Global Vice President of Human Resources for HM.CLAUSE. Prior to assuming the global role in 2017, Andres served as the company’s VP of HR for the Americas and the Pacific (AMPA) region. Before joining HM.CLAUSE, Andres developed his experience in the field of human resources across multiple sectors, including the high-tech and technology manufacturing industries. Over the last 10 years he has specialized in the agriculture industry, gaining experience with different stages of the business from start-up to accelerated growth.

Originally from Chile, Andres attended Law School in Santiago, as well as American University in Washington DC. He holds a BS degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from San Francisco State University, and earned his MBA from Notre Dame de Namur University. His areas of interest include organizational development, employee relations, international human resources, risk management, strategy, mergers & acquisitions, HR operations management, change management and coaching.

Andres currently lives in Davis, CA with his wife and their three boys.  While not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors and traveling.

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