Craig France

What has your career path looked like at HM.CLAUSE?
I started with HMC in 2009 as the Sales and Development Manager for the New Zealand market. In New Zealand I worked with growers and processors developing products in a range of species including brassicas, lettuce and beans. In 2015 I relocated with my family to Davis, California to take up my current role as a Product Manager for Determinate Tomatoes.

What do you see as the most critical challenge for our industry, and what is our company’s role in meeting that?The biggest challenge we have as a company is to anticipate future changes in the market and provide future solutions for our customers. The best way we meet this is to stand beside our customers and understand the environment they work in. We are a hands on company that has a long term perspective.

What is your view of the company culture at HM.CLAUSE?
One of the greatest strengths at HMC is our great diversity. I work with people from many different countries and cultures every day. The culture of the company is therefore very inclusive.

Rémi Bastien

Chief Executive Officer

Denis Balen

Deputy CEO

Marc Rottiers

Global Chief Financial Officer

Ghis Reusken

Vice President, Global Head of Supply Chain

Andres Trillo

Vice President, Global Head of Human Resources

Sébastien Benon

Vice President, Global Head of Sales

Gilles Gay, Ph.D.

Vice President, Global Head of Research and Development

Andreas Steiner

Regional Vice President, Americas and the Pacific (AMPA)

John Schoenecker

Director of Intellectual Property AMPA

Davis, CA

Maria Jose Lillo Astudillo

Agronomist/Research Station Manager

La Bohalle, France

11 years at HM.CLAUSE

Gilles Lepoutre

Director of Production EMEA

Portes-lès-Valence, France

Ananda Rangappa

Plant Pathologist, R&B Station

Bangalore, India

2 ½ years at HM.CLAUSE

Maciej Bigda

General Manager HM.CLAUSE POLSKA

Warsaw, Poland

Craig France

Determinate Tomato Product Manager

Davis, California

8 years at HM.CLAUSE

Caroline Leterrier

Portfolio Lead: Cucurbits & Large Seed

Davis, CA