Sébastien Benon

“HM.Clause is a fast growing company and the size of our teams is increasing all over the world. We need to support this scalability, and at the same time, maintain our identity and keep proximity to our customers. Being close to our customers has always been part of our DNA and it is the key element that enables us to detect and anticipate our customers’ needs. We aim to satisfy those needs through innovation, not only in products, but also in the way we do business and  deliver services to our customers. We simply want to be the best partner in the vegetable seed industry!”

Sébastien has gained considerable international experience as a marketing and sales executive in the seed industry. His almost two-decade-long career with Limagrain began at Hazera in the international sales division. After that, he joined HM.CLAUSE, where he evolved from Export Manager, to General Manager for Clause Italia before eventually becoming VP Sales for the EMEA region. From 2016, until his recent return to HM.CLAUSE, Sébastien served as CEO of Limagrain Cereal Seeds and was based in Colorado (USA). Sébastien has represented the vegetable seed industry while serving as an active member of the European Seed Association, and he has served on several boards, including the Good Seed and Plant Practices Foundation, Canterra Seeds (Canada) and Australian Grain Technology.

Sébastien studied agricultural engineering in France and holds an MSc in Marketing and Management from Wageningen University in The Netherlands. He is a French citizen and is based in Valence, France.

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Sébastien Benon

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