Our Stories

Because we recognize that people are central to the success of HM.CLAUSE, we strive to provide interesting career paths and valuable opportunities as part of our culture; and we pay particular attention to talent development throughout the organization. As a large and continually growing international company, we are able to provide our diverse talent pool an unprecedented level of functional and geographical mobility, a mobility extended even further through our parent company, Limagrain, and the numerous sister companies contained in the Limagrain family. With the opportunity to move between departments, between countries, and between companies, you can be assured that your career path with HM.CLAUSE will never be dull.


"All of us are contributing to meet global food needs. This is possible due to collaboration within our teams and above all, perseverance amongst our colleagues."

Maria Jose Lillo Astudillo

Agronomist/Research Station Manager

La Bohalle, France

11 years at HM.CLAUSE

"Working with a highly professional team of people who are goal-oriented, strategic, focused, and positive creates a company culture that everyone is proud to be a part of.”

Ananda Rangappa

Plant Pathologist, R&B Station

Bangalore, India

2 ½ years at HM.CLAUSE

“One of the greatest strengths at HMC is our great diversity. I work with people from many different countries and cultures every day.”

Craig France

Determinate Tomato Product Manager

Davis, California

8 years at HM.CLAUSE