At HM.CLAUSE, we support student hires in developing their strengths, exploring their passions, and growing into their full potential, so that each individual can play his or her unique part in feeding and nourishing the world.

Plant Your Career Where It Can Grow

Each day at HM.CLAUSE is filled with unique opportunities for learning, growth, and new experiences. We empower employees to take their career to new places and expand their horizons by providing opportunities to explore other teams, departments, countries, and continents. At HM.CLAUSE, we believe diversity is the key to innovation and growth, so we strive to embody diversity: culturally, philosophically, ethnically, and professionally. Our student interns and employees come from a wide range of majors, industries, backgrounds, and geographic locations, and we eagerly embrace converts to agriculture, meaning you don’t need to have grown up on a farm to join us! We work hard to ensure our people thrive and grow into their full potential, just like our seeds. So, if you’re ready to grow personally and professionally, plant your career at HM.CLAUSE.

Students can get involved with HM.CLAUSE through our internship program or through a variety of seasonal and full-time positions. We’re looking for students from a wide range of backgrounds and degrees to join our diverse, growth-oriented culture and partner with HM.CLAUSE to feed and nourish the growing global population. If this sounds like you, continue reading for information about our student programs and offerings.


Our paid summer internships are available for undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in a full-time program. Internships typically run from 3-6 months depending on the project scope and student availability. The majority of internships will be 3 months full-time during summer break; however, we also offer some paid part-time internships during the school year for interested students. We work with our student interns to customize their internships to suit their unique interests, expertise, and passions, while also furthering the HM.CLAUSE mission. We believe in the power of purpose and aspire to help you find your calling during your internship at HM.CLAUSE.

Here are a few things you can expect from your HM.CLAUSE internship:

  • An impactful project that supports HM.CLAUSE’s mission of building trust with farmers around the world by providing quality and innovative vegetable seed products that meet their specific, local needs.
  • Exposure to our leadership team through lunch-and-learns, mentorship opportunities, and our open-door policy.
  • An introduction to a wide range of functions and departments to help you determine where you would like to plant yourself at HM.CLAUSE.
  • Unique work experiences such as our international Field Days
  • Community engagement opportunities, such as volunteering to harvest produce from the farm to benefit the local food bank.
  • The option to enroll in our 401K plan with company matching.
  • Abundant opportunities to grow, learn, and develop. We want to help you become the best version of yourself.

Internship Opportunities – U.S.A.

Our recruitment cycle begins in January and we will fill open positions on a rolling basis. Typically, we will hire summer interns for the following departments. To see the specific internships we have available today, check out our open positions.

Typical Summer Internships by Department:

Supply Chain (Modesto, CA or Nampa, ID)

  • Seed Supply Intern
  • Supply Chain Intern

Research & Development (Davis, CA)

  • Plant Breeding Interns

Finance & Accounting (Davis, CA)

  • Finance Interns
  • Accounts Payable Intern

Sales (US – Location Varies)

  • Sales Intern
  • Customer Support Intern

Marketing Communications (Davis, CA)

  • Communications Intern
  • Digital Factory Intern

Information Technology (Davis, CA)

  • IT Intern

Human Resources (Davis, CA)

  • Organizational Development Intern
  • Compensation & Benefits Intern
  • HR Operations Intern

Legal (Davis, CA)

  • Legal Intern

Seasonal & Full-Time Positions

We always have an array of seasonal and full-time positions open for eligible candidates. For our full list of open full-time and seasonal positions, view our open positions. This link opens our job portal site for our parent company, Limagrain.

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