Successful first open days for Clause Maghreb in Algeria

This past July 4 will remain an important date in HM.CLAUSE’s adventure in North Africa, and more specifically in Algeria.

More than sixty customers and prospective customers gathered at HM.CLAUSE’s experimental station at Ahmer el Ain close to Tipaza, from the four corners of the country (Biskra, El Oued, Mostaganem, Maghnia, Tlemcen, Tipaza, Setif, etc.). They were accompanied by representatives from Tipaza’s chamber of agriculture, the Technical Institute of Market Garden and Industrial Crops, and Tipaza’s department of agricultural services.

This event allowed them to discover the line-up’s living catalogue and the promising new products resulting from HM.CLAUSE’s research.

Especially noteworthy new products include the cauliflower ORGANZA for the Setif region adapted to spring, summer, and fall crops, the bean ORO, with a high yield in all conditions, especially in high temperatures, as well as the early watermelon LIVIA, which has a strong and vigorous plant.

In tomatoes, the demo-field was an opportunity to reveal the BOUCHERA variety (seasonal round determinate) for the El Oued region where HM.CLAUSE is already a leader with the variety SALIMAH, as well as the processing variety CXD 255 adapted to both the east and the west.

Finally, the focus was on strengthening the line-up with the upcoming release to market of the cucumber type American parthenocarpic slicer as well as hot peppers following the acquisition of research programs from the company Genica.

All visitors agreed it was an excellent day, and they are looking forward to our next gathering in 2018.