Secure Supply Chain

As a global leader in vegetable seed production and distribution, HM.CLAUSE has a worldwide team of breeders, growers and product developers responsible for overseeing the production of our seed products from planting through harvest and delivery. To ensure that our products are of the highest quality and that our supply is consistent, safe and secure, we use experienced and trusted growers to cultivate our crops in the most ideal areas of both hemispheres.

Once harvested from our world network of production fields, the seed is transported to one of our central processing facilities where our highly-trained technicians manage the receiving, drying, storage, conditioning, enhancement, treatment and packaging of the seeds. After packaging, the seeds are shipped through our global distribution network to their final destination in one of the over 100 countries we serve.

HM.CLAUSE workers in planted field of young plants


Our global network of farms and growers enables us to utilize the crop cycles of both hemispheres; this ensures that seed production for our commercial varieties takes place in areas of the world where conditions are optimal for each crop. Because modern seed production is a complex interaction of genetics and environment, and subject to natural variation, our seed production experts continually inspect and control crops in the field to guarantee that our products meet our strict quality standards.

Receiving and Storage

Incoming seed shipments are carefully checked to verify lot and variety information, before being sampled for quality and checked to ensure the accuracy of the seed count. The seed is then dried and stored in controlled conditions for temperature and humidity ensuring quality and preserving germination potential.


Following the reception process, our seed lots are inspected and cleaned of undesired substances, such as plant and soil material, dust and weeds. Our expert teams then use advanced knowledge of the physical and physiological indicators of seed quality to enhance the separating, conditioning and sizing process. This ensures that only the highest quality seeds are prepared for customer plantings.