The Packer: Arizona, California Melon Deals Start Early, Fast

The Packer reports on the early start to melon season in the southwestern United States. According to Legend Produce, HM.CLAUSE’s Origami cantaloupe variety is yielding sugar levels of 15-17% and was the first to ship back on April 28th. May 13, 2015

Produce News: Desert Melon Production Gets Early Start

Tim Linden of Produce News speaks to Legend Produce owner, Barry Zwillinger, about the year’s first crop of melons, including HM.CLAUSE’s Origami variety, which is sold under the Harris Moran brand name. Zwillinger notes that he has increased his acreage of this variety because of desirable features such as full slip, long shelf-life, small seed cavities, […]

The Packer: Origami Melons Off to Early Start

Barry Zwillinger of Legend Produce talks to the Packer about the benefits of growing HM.CLAUSE’s high-performing cantaloupe variety, Origami. April 28, 2015

The Packer: Growers Expecting Cantaloupe Rebound

Citing high acceptance and good consumer experience, growers explain to the Packer why they have increased acreage of Origami by 150% over the last two years. The successful HM.CLAUSE cantaloupe variety is well-liked for its harvestability, long shelf life, small seed cavity, thin rind, nice aroma, deep color and high brix. April 16, 2015