Vegetable Seeds

At HM.CLAUSE, our advanced genetic research teams develop high-quality vegetable seeds to:

Achieve increased yield

Over the past 150 years, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in crop yields thanks to impactful plant breeding and advances in sustainable agricultural practices. This powerful shift has led to greater food safety and security, lower rates of malnutrition, and an increase in consumer choice with lasting environmental benefits. Today our experienced team continues to improve and increase yield through groundbreaking scientific and technological advances in plant biology.

Improve disease resistance

HM.CLAUSE leads the way in understanding plant diseases. From diagnostics to the molecular basis of infection, we develop proven strategies to protect plants from contamination. Geographical diversity allows us to monitor plant disease development and rapidly evaluate the success of our breeding efforts in the production of plants tolerant or resistant to bacteria, fungi or nematodes.

Grow quality vegetables

Consumers worldwide desire top quality produce that tastes great too. Meeting this challenging demand requires improving the taste and shelf life of fruits and vegetables, so consumers can consistently expect nutritious products in support of their best vibrant, healthy lives.

Why we are different

Breeder expertise

The science of adapting the genetics of plants for the benefit of mankind, plant breeding aims to improve the quality and agricultural performance of crops to better adapt to human needs. Plant improvement consists of creating new varieties from existing plants by crossing plants chosen for their desired qualities, then selecting the best of them for ongoing development and cultivation. It’s this driven dedication that allows our Breeding Program to meet the demands of an evolving marketplace.

A commitment to innovate

A leader in agriculture, we’re well positioned to learn from scientific and technological advances with ties to leading universities and industry breakthroughs. Driven to deliver the best for our clients and the planet, we exercise innovation to:

  • Accelerate the launch of new seeds: By focusing on the continued evolution of agricultural practices, we better understand plant biology to consistently improve yield.
  • Improve disease resistance: We develop strategies to protect plants from contamination by diagnosing diseases and the molecular basis of infection.
  • Meet customer demand: By improving taste and increasing shelf-life, we do our part to deliver advanced nutrition around the world.

Pure vegetable seeds

One of the world’s leading seed companies, we stand alone as the only pure vegetables seeds player in the industry.

International research efforts

Your sustainable growing needs are our priority. Diverse in geography, culture and expertise, HM.CLAUSE develops innovative new varieties to meet market demand around the globe. In fact, we invest 18% of annual sales into our worldwide research team. To exceed industry standards, we also employ certified analysts to conduct germination tests of each and every seed lot, ensuring the productivity, quality, and vitality of HM.CLAUSE vegetable seeds.

Groundbreaking genetic research is fully integrated into our breeding programs to accelerate the development of new and improved varieties. Our breeders, plant pathologists, cell biologists, and molecular geneticists are members of transversal teams focused on specific targets in the evolving marketplace by:

  • Define breeding objectives
  • Access and combine relevant genetic diversity
  • Select and stabilize plants for desired characteristics
  • Test and evaluate experimental vegetable varieties in relevant environments

Three International Research Centers serve as key bases for our R&D and breeding activities:


At La Bohalle Research Center in western France, we support R&D with a genotyping platform and cell biology activities in support of breeding efforts with temperate species. At this location we also conduct global pathology research and are actively developing new cauliflower, broccoli, fennel, arugula, endive, and corn salad seeds.

At Saint Remy de Provence in the south of France, we focus on advanced phenotyping research coupled to our global new trait breeding effort in cucurbits. Saint Remy is also home to our melon, sweet pepper, tomato, and squash breeding programs, which largely target Europe, Middle East and Africa.

United States

In the United States, HM.CLAUSE collaborates with U.C. Davis, where we support our breeders with plant pathology and cell biology research. We’re also developing new melon, tomato, cucumber, squash, pumpkin, watermelon and pepper varieties.

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